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WinkBeds started its business in the luxury hybrid mattress niche and has made its place as a reliable and quality brand. It stands at the top level in the luxury showroom market. With constant innovative brands, they have spread their wings to luxury style all foam and latex hybrid mattresses along with their classic hybrid brand. They are popular with both reviewers and clients, and all love WinkBeds for quality, price, and Comfortability. Their customer support and service is fantastic. When you are searching for a mattress, you should always keep winked in mind.

The 14.5-inch mattress from winkbed is designed with different layers and levels. The top layer is 1.5 PCF polyfoam. Then there is the second layer, which is gel poly foam, lying over foam covered pocketed micro coils. After it, there is a 7.5-inch support system of polyfoam encases coils. There is a breathable, organic eucalyptus covered TENCEL lyocell sheet.

So far as firmness is concerned you have different choices;

  • Soft 4.5/10 firmness
  • Luxury firm 6.5/10
  • Firmer 7.5/10
  • Plus 8/10

Construction of winked

The original inked consist of 4 layers made of pressure-relieving foam. It is a hefty bed for people who want a sound sleeping experience. There are micro and pocketed coils in use in its construction. So the combination of material is vital for a bounce creating supportive build-up that makes your sleep even cooler.

Cover construction

The upper cover of the mattress is built with Tencel. It is a naturally sourced and environmentally friendly material of eucalyptus wood cellulose. You should know that lighter woods, including eucalyptus and bamboo, are famous for light and breathable wood. The quilted structure is also suitable for pressure relief and provides a soft sinking off the bat.

Pillow top

The euro-pillow consists of gel adhesive foam for a smooth and luxurious experience when you touch the layer. With it is also firmer and supportive. The regular foam features heating with time, but the gel in its composition is vital for keeping the mattress fresh by reducing the temperature of the body that is covered in it. It is covered by the Tencel sheet that sends away the warmth fro top cover throughout the mattress. You may consider Tencel as a yin and euro pillow top as yang. The layers work in harmony to provide you cooling experience and comfy when you are snoozing.

Bounce and shock

The bouncy support layer is made up of soft and robust micro coils, which provide a combined experience of support and cushy softness. The thinner and elastic wires make the microcells termed a pocketed coil; there is a pressure relief system between the bottom and top layers of the mattress. Micro coil support is vital for eliminate the feeling f being stuck or too much sinking experience.

Base layer

The base layer is made up of a whopping 8 inch of pocket coils. The pocketed coils are divided into seven parts for variable firmness and pressure relief at different parts of bed when you are going for sleep. You get the sinking sense on your shoulders and hips, but there is extended support and firmness to keep your spine and lower body aligned. Another notable feature of the mattress is the individual wrapping of pocketed coils. You feel the more bouncy and breathable experience that is not the feature of legendary cols made of steel.

Firmness and feel

There are four options related to firmness in standard wink bed mattresses. Here are the specifications of each option:

  • Soft provides you a medium softness experience with 4.5/10 on mattress firmness standard.
  • Luxury firm options are also medium firm with 6.5 /10 firmness.
  • Firmer comes with an 8/10 level on the firmness scale.
  • Plus firmness level is for the sleeper who weights more than 300 pounds. On the firmness scale, it is 8/10 in strength and firmness.

The winkbed takes care of your health too. The zoned pocketed coils support the core that eliminates your back pain. It provides extra support to pocketed lumber area of your body. The customers struggling with back pain appreciate the mattress, and evaluation also backs this fact. The spinal support comes from 4 firmness levels that create amazing feelings. The bed is suitable for a wide array of clients.

Who should buy this mattress?

The mattress meets the needs of people with a variety of sleeping habits.

Sleeper with extra weight

It can support the sleepers over 300 pounds. It has a latex layer that is 2.5 inches thick, replacing the traditional micro coils to support heavier sleepers. It provided support for spinal alignment and pressure release. The plus version also comes with firm edge support that makes getting in and out of bed much more comfortable.

Sweetening people

If you tend to sweat at night while sleeping, the mattress is just right for you. The bed comes with cooling capability combined with a breathable comfort layer. It helps you release the heat using warm summer nights.

Back pain elimination

If you are struggling with back pain, the winkbed is compatible with you. The combination of a cotton lumber pad with a zoned pocketed coil supports the core, which is crucial for cushioned to support the lower back area of your body.


Winkbed is an exceptional and innovative amalgam of classic innerspring build up along with European style pillow top that comes with both memory and soft poly foam. It is considered a highly pressure reliving design with the firmness of pocketed coil springs edge support that maximizes the performance of the whole mattress. An additional layer of the edge is beneficial for maximum usable space. The matter offers you a medium feel with pressure relief and considerable support.

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