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Tuft & Needle started its business in 2012, and since its inception, it has received an immense growth in bed in a box mattresses market. In online marketing, they are a symbol of the traditional manufacturer, but this fact has not stopped them from creating innovative products. Its partnership with Serta Simons has made it a combination of traditional and modern technology to design products that meet the need of sleepers.

Their products hit the online businesses amazingly as it offered the sleepers more luxurious sleeping experience. There are different options for you to choose according to your specific needs and requirements. Here is a new product; the most innovative Hybrid is designed with top quality adaptive foam with two coil layer. It ensures the sleepers with a classic seeping quality.

In this article, I shall provide an in-depth review of Tuft & Needle Hybrid. You may get a better understanding of its firmness and look. You will get an insight into its features and feel and what type of sleepers should buy this mattress.

Quality of material used in construction

Tuft & Needle sends you this vacuum-sealed mattress to your location in a box. The hybrid mattress offers you an elegant look as you open the box. The springs of mattress pop up and the bed will extend to its full length. The hybrid mattress has six layers of material with a total length of 12 inches. It comes in breathable knit components.

  • The first layer is 1 inch in width with open-cell foam, and carbon fiber and graphite infuse to it. It has been created to offer you extra comfort to keep you fresh. Graphite has a feature of heat dissipation. You get durability and long-lasting lifespan of foam with carbon fiber.
  • The T&N Adaptive foam lies in the second layer. It is two inches deep layer the offers you gentle pressure relief. It comes with ceramic beads and graphite, and both are vital for cooling.
  • The traditional coil is the part of the third layer that is also 1 inch wide. It gives you a little bouncing experience and offers support to upper comfort foams.
  • The fourth layer is bound between two spring layers. One inch wide, T&N Adaptive foam provides extra comfort with thicker pocketed coil support.
  • The significant support of bed comes with the fifth layer. There are 6-inch springs that are more bouncy lie around the edges to provide a long-lasting sleeping experience.
  • The base layer consists of 1 inch large top features poly foam that is beneficial for bouncing of springs.

Strength and structure

The hybrid mattress offers you a balance of comfort and support with a combination of the memory foam, adaptive quality, micro coils and pocketed coils. All these are mix together for extraordinary sound sleep. It gives the mattress overall fantastic look and feels when you sleep on your back. The comprehensive support is due to supportive coils while memory and adaptive foams mix comfort with contour.

The foam is extraordinarily thick to give you a noticeable pressure on your shoulders and hips when you come to sleep. The look of the top of Hybrid is elegant and plush. The side sleepers feel relaxed when they get in.

The people who have stomach sleeping habit always look for a firm mattress. When you sleep in the stomach, the Hybrid is firm enough to provide you with extra support. This mattress is a real choice for relaxing on the stomach

The Hybrid offers you excellent feelings of balance. The mattress gives you the relaxation of memory foam in a balanced manner. It has an amalgam of bounce and flexibility. When you sleep on its top, you neither sink in it nor feel bounced. It has a combination of firmness and feel.

Top option for light sleepers

Are you a light sleeper? Inevitably, you wake up when your partner leaves the bed and bouncing of bed troubles you. When your dog jumps here and there to disturb your sleep, if you want a solid night’s sleep, then motion transfer is an essential factor for rendering you a sound sleep if you are a light sleeper. So the Hybrid is the best choice for those who share their bed.

For light sleepers, beds with more springs do not score well. In this respect, hybrid performance is amazingly excellent. Though there are springs for a quick response, you don’t get much movement another side of the bed. If you are still in suspense, you may opt for original or mint versions.

Reinforced coils

Though do you don’t give priority to this feature when you are buying bedding. If there is extra edge support, it will make you feel comfortable with a more extensive look of the bed. When you and your partner are relaxing in the bed, it offers you extra ease and sense of sound sleep. Reinforce coils of Tuft & Needle Hybrid provides you with fantastic edge support owing to reinforced loops. You don’t feel that you will fall from bed when you are close to its edges.

Who should buy this mattress?

  • If you are a side sleeper, Hybrid is just for you. It comes with a thick comfort layer that consists of memory foam and adaptive foam. These components offer considerable pressure relief. It would help if you bought it for comfort and relaxation as you sleep.
  • If you are a back sleeper, you will surely prefer a mattress that combines comfort with support. So should you find these features in a mattress? The Tuft & Needle Hybrid offers all this. There is support due to pocketed coils, and different layers are for your comfort. You will find ultimate supportive experience whereas the foam does not bring curves on your body.
  • If you often change your sleeping position, the balance, comfort and support of Tuft & Needle make it a dream mattress for you. Foam and coils, combine necessary body support, along with ease.
  • Most of the mattresses may retain heat and make it hot. This leads to an uncomfortable night due to foam hang up your body. The Tuft & Needle Hybrid understands your worries. So there are graphite and gel bed infusions which are vital for heat emission and create a cooling experience.


If you need bounciness and a warm bed, your ideal mattress may be T&N Hybrid. They use adaptive foam and coil layers to provide an amalgam of pressure relief and support. The T&N Hybrid is brought about a transformation in the mattress industry. The hybrid model is the height of creative excellence and an exceptional choice for couples and individuals.

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