Tempur-pedic Mattress Review


Investing in a new mattress can feel pretty intense. Besides, you are likely to spend a lot of time on it over the years. But fortunately, you can easily connect with others who have tried out the most popular mattresses via the internet. But recently I tried out the Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt Mattress and I’m here to give a detailed report about my experience, the following is everything you need to know about this brand before acquiring it for yourself.


Tempur-Pedic officially begun in 1992, but its roots can be traced back to the 70s when it previously worked with NASA to develop seat cushions for spaceships. The technology used in the seat cushions for spaceships are what would eventually evolve into the memory foam, the material that Tempur-Pedic has thus so far introduced to the world from the 90s till date


The LuxeAdapt contains a ton of memory foam, with apparently two thick layers of the memory foam over laying a base of high-density poly foam. The combination of the two materials tends to create a soft structure that will allow the user to sink in for some deep body contouring and pressure relief.


The cover is composed of a polyester and a phase change material blend, which makes it stretchy and allows for breathing. The phase change material is interlaced with special fibers that gives a cool feeling when touched, hence helps in temperature regulation throughout the course of the night


The LuxeAdapt is incredibly built with the brand’s special TEMPUR-ES foam, the comfort layer is characterized with a slow, steady and relaxed response to pressure that makes way for extraordinary sinkage. Just like the memory foam, the material used is incredibly gentle and soft which enables it to fit in the unique curves of the body for pressure relief, also considering the plush feel that comes with this mattress I can confidently suggest it for side sleepers.


Directly under the comfort layer, you will find the contour layer which is made of the brand’s Tempur-APR+ and features a slightly tighter cell construction compared to the ES foam, in this section the memory foam was designed for more intense body contouring, hence making it more likely to draw the user deeper into the mattress for relief at the shoulders and hips


Tempur-Pedic has slipped a layer of high density poly foam into the base, this is to cushion the soft memory foam layers up top. The support section helps give the mattress shape and to cushion the user against the sinkage of the top layers


The LuxeAdapt is so good that the feeling is almost indescribable. It’s firm, so you don’t feel like you are lying In a puddle of quick sand, rather it gradually conforms with your shape which makes the user feel like they are getting a full body hug from someone. The mattress is so soft that once you lie on it, it gradually sinks in your butt, thus elevating the legs and the upper part of the body which can be easily considered one of the best sleeping positions there are. One can easily compare getting under the covers of this bed with that of getting under the sheet of a warm massage table with the exception of not having to be there for only 60 minutes.


As previously stated, the LuxeAdapt’s cooling cover helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night so you won’t wake up in a puddle of sweat. So it’s great for hot sleepers

You can easily unzip the bed cover for washing.

Thanks to motion-canceling technology, you won’t have to disturb your partner while waking up in the middle of night to either use the bathroom or grab a glass of water.


The mattress is pretty tall. Its height is about 13″ high, which is fairly high on its own, and with the addition of the foundation (Tempur-Pedic doesn’t recommend the use of a regular box spring) which will further increase the height even more. It’s paramount to keep in mind that children, pets and the elderly may have trouble climbing up on to the bed. But on the plus side, Tempur-Pedic does offer shorter foundations—2″ or 5″—which could help reduce the height a bit.


From my view point I can boldly say that this mattress is 100 percent worth it. Of course there are many, plenty other brand’s with less pricing, but with Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt you are not just acquiring a bed you sleep on rather you are acquiring a bed you feel excited sleeping on. The feeling of knowing you have an amazing bed to relax on after each day never truly goes away.

Also in terms of possible damage, LuxeAdapt comes with a 10 year limited warranty so if eventually there is any form of damage be rest assured that Tempur-Pedic will replace or repair your mattress for free.

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