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Do you want the feel of sleeping on the clouds? It is not impossible as there is a Puffy mattress to come up to your desires. That blended the gel memory foam and high-dense poly foam to provide and look for a dream bed for you. But how is it possible? It provides you with pressure relief, spinal adjustment, and comfy support to make it ideal for your needs.

Brand overview

The manufacturers introduced a puffy mattress in the market during 2017. It is the outcome of extensive research and development that took many years to produce quality foam and sleeping trials. The ultimate result is the puffy brand that has a perfect sleeping system. It particularly meets the needs of people with back pain.

The construction process

How is the puffy mattress built and designed? Here is the answer.

Cover construction

The cover is built purely from polyester that makes this soft and stretches knit cap best to allow airflow. It is also stain-resistant. You can open the lid and wash it in the washing machine. Most of the competitors have copied this contrast from Puffy. This mattress is the top option to buy if you are worried about stains and washing of covers.

Comfort layers and parts

The Puffy mattress comes with 2 inches thick, two layers that are part of the puffy’s comfort system. The first layer is made of gel-cushioned memory foam that is vital for a deep, pillow-like pressure relief and gentle feel due to low density that is rated 2.5 PCF. The foam is fastened with gel it offers a better temperature consistency than other memory foam mattresses.

The second layer of puffy mattress performs two-fold functions as a comfort and transition layer. It has denser temperature resistant poly foam than memory foam. It supports the upper comfort layer and does not let the sleeper sink into the firmer support area of the mattress.

Supporting sections

The support core is 6 inches thick, with a high density of 1.5 PCF polyfoam. This build-up is the standard for all quality foam mattresses because the dense foam is firmer than soft comfort layers, and it works to stabilize the bed and avoid sagging.

It is a fact that poly foams are reputed for offering poor edge support. It is a disadvantage because it may be a reason for sagging when you are sitting on the side of your mattress. Moreover, there may be a lack of support when you sleep near the edge of the bed with your partner,

Puffy mattress has a height of ten inches that is good for an al foam mattress. As it provides weaker edge support, it is not a choice for people who try to stand up for the matters. As it has a 4-inch comfort layer, it offers you better depth to avoid the sinking concerns among lightweight and average sleepers.

Firmness and feels

On the mattress firmness scale, puffy stands at 5 out of ten. This average firmness imparts it the feeling of real medium stability. As it comes with a 2-inch comfort layer made up of low, dense memory foam. It provides you a deep and highly contouring sleeping area. It feels gentler and cradle-like than average firmness mattresses that are made from other materials.

It features a high point density that provides you pressure relief along with low motion transfer. This feature of mattress lets it compress at the same point where pressure is applied instead of transferring weight to other areas. In this way, it creates a sensation of sleeping in the bed rather than on the top of the mattress.

The Puffy mattress comes with a relatively responsive memory foam structure. If you are a person with a mobility issue, it will be difficult for you to change the position. Or, if you are a sleeper who does not like to sink in the bed, you will feel comfortable with the mattress that caters to your needs.

Puffy mattress and sleeping habits

Puffy is compatible with different sleeping positions.

Back sleeping

If you are a stringent back sleeper, you should opt for a puffy mattress. If you sleep on your back, it is right in general terms. It supports your sensitive lower back area. It makes sure that weight is divided into the whole length of your body.

Stomach sleeping habit

If you are a stomach sleeper, he perhaps he puffy may not come up to your needs honestly. It is because the mattress offers a medium firmness. If you are in the medium range of weight, you may buy this mattress. It will surely prevent your back pain also.

Side sleepers

Puffy provides a perfect amount of comfort mingled with support. It cradles your hips and shoulders to support your sleep.

Combination of sleeping habits

If you are a combo sleeper, puffy meets your requirements. It may not be the top portion for stomach and side sleepers. If you move in bed, then you should choose it. It makes your movement simple, and it supports you in every position.

Summing up

The real goal of the puffy mattress was to provide facilitation for different kinds of sleepers. The brand has been successful in this respect. It s not very firm or gentle, nor is it very cold or hot. There is much lesser motion transfer in its built. If you and your partner have varied sleeping choices, it is a beautiful and happy option to buy. If you sleep alone, you may get it without any concern. In short, puffy is the best value of your money.

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