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In today’s’ world, memory foam becomes one of the vital material in mattress. If you are searching memory foam on Google, then thousand of results related to memory foam pop-up on mobile devices and personal computer screen. It is not a surprise for you because memory foam is one of the best and comfortable materials that you find in your mattress.

If you are looking for the best memory foam mattress, then Layla is an innovative and high-quality mattress. It is best and flippable mattress that offers you a cool and comfortable sleep.  If you are searching either Layla mattress is flippable or not, then keep read on this amazing review of Layla mattress.

About Layla

Layla began with the mission to alter the way that enables the consumers to buy the new bed for the bedroom. The co-founder of Layla grew up while working in the furniture store owned by his family. He soon realized the main issue of the mattress industry and finally made his own mattress industry at the end.  Layla Inc. uses the best online business model that cuts most of the cost of customers and save money.

Layla mattress is a high-quality and innovative mattress that utilize copper-infused memory foam. The memory foam used in Layla mattress can easily combat the heat-retention of the memory material. Due to the emergence and success of memory foam mattress, Layla adds up more items in its product lines like pet beds, foundations, bamboo sheets and bedding.

 Construction of innovative Layla Mattress

The main purpose of this review is to tell you about the main features of Layla mattress. So, for this purpose, we will tell you about the layers possess by the mattress. It consists of four-layers. By flip the mattress to the firm side, the 4th layer becomes the 1st layer.

Top layer:

The top layer of Layla mattress is 3-inches copper infused foam that gives you a better level of comfort and contour. Copper is microbial in nature. It acts as the best heat conductor that helps to keep the mattress germ-free and cool. It can efficiently cells inside the form firmly under any pressure. So, the massive body gets additional support and the best pressure relief from this material.

2nd layer

The next layer of Layla mattress is 2-inches convoluted airflow foam that comes up in egg crate form. It is the layers that help to promote excellent airflow. The superb airflow helps in regulating the mattress temperature and offers the consumers additional pressure support as well as relief.  

3rd layer

The 3rd layer is a deeper layer of Layla mattress that is 4.5-inches thick. This layer is responsible for making the foundation of the mattress. The layer delivers the best source of sleeping support for sleepers.

4th layer (Base)

 The 4th layer of Layla mattress is the base that is 1-inch in thickness. It is a copper-infused foam that is used in the 1st layer. The base offered a better level of comfort and contour when you flipped over the mattress.  

Features of Layla Mattress

a.Motion transfer performance

Memory foam and some other materials can easily handle motion transfer. Because of this particular reason, Layla mattress also performed very well when we conducted motion transfer tests. We quickly press the surrounding area without creating any disturbance, while placing the glass of milk or water on the soft side of Layla mattress. Some of the disruptions happened when we performed that test on the firm side of the mattress but it was not so much.

b.Cooling performance

Layla mattress serves as the all-foam mattress. It offers sleeper a better level of sleep and gives comfortable support. The copper particles that can make copper gel in memory foam serve as superconductive. The superconductivity helps to carry the maximum level of heat away from the sleeper body. Due to this particular reason, sleeper gets the best and cool sleeping experience than any other memory foams. The better cooling performance is due to Thermogel cover and copper infusion feature.  

Who are the best consumers of Layla Mattress?

Active Folk

Layla mattress comes with the soft side up. It is a fantastic product that can do exceptionally well in reliving the pressure along each part of your body due to deep cradling of mattress. The best supportive layers will help to gives your spine the best neutral alignment.

Sweaty sleepers

The cover of the Layla Mattress is infused with the cooling Thermogel while the first layer of the mattress is infused with copper that act as “warm air superhighway”. Both Thermogel and copper-infused foam work together and reduce heat retention that is closely linked with any traditional memory materials.

Hesitant shoppers

Lyla mattress is dual-sided mattress. It offers both firm and soft sides. The bed that comes with 2-firmness level will give you a better standard of support as well as pressure relief. Layla mattress offers you a 120-night risk-free trial period. It is the period that helps you to decide whether this product is well-suited to you or not.


We hope you enjoy this fantastic unbiased review of Layla Mattress. Layla offers the best, all-foam flippable design that comes with a dual-sided firmness level. The mattress allows the sleeper to experience better feeling during the sleeping hour. The comfortable layers of Layla mattress give significant pressure relief and support. In our cooling performance and motion transfer performance test, Layla mattress succeed and pass it with good remarks.

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