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Are you in the market for a high-quality latex mattress topper, versus memory foam? If so, you’re likely trying to improve your overall sleep and/or improve your health. You’re definitely going the right direction! Lots of people just use their same mattress for years and year until it’s old and worn.

Not everybody has the knowledge or smarts to look into buying a new mattress; we have, however, found lots of people complaining about how their present mattress causes several back or join pain due to lack of the right support.

Latex mattresses are consistently rated as the best mattresses for overall satisfaction by Germany’s consumer organization Stifung Warentest. They are very popular and many experts have stated that natural latex is seeing a revival in the Western market. Many reviews online give positive feedback about natural latex mattresses for, among other things, their assistance with pain and aching relief. 


The last 10 years have seen a rise in the use of latex foam as a mattress design material, being used as often as materials such as innerspring and memory foam. Latex is somewhere between these two materials actually, since it’s well-known for its softness (which relieves pressure) and strong support.

Latex is a natural foam that’s made from milky substances derived from rubber trees. Once transformed into foam, the substances produce some small air bubbles, which give it is bouncy and soft texture.

An organic latex mattress is comprised of 3-4 different latex layers that are overlayed by a cotton cover. The latex layers have differing levels of firmness as well, which allow for interplays between support and pressure relief. Different brands always put a cool spin on the classic latex mattress design, and nearly all of them have a gentle feel, a lot of bounce, and excellent regulation of temperature.

#1 The Birch – The Best Back Sleepers’ Mattress  

It’s vital for those who sleep on their back to keep a high-quality spine alignment, which is precisely what the Birch gives you. It has a solid hybrid build that’s composed of pocketed coils and Talalay latex that lift sleepers’ hips into alignment with the shoulders. Through encouraging the right spinal support, the Birch helps protect all back sleepers from the pains and aches that can occur at their lumbar region.

Alongside the solid support, the Birch has all-natural materials utilized in the construction. This includes wood fibers, organic cotton, all-natural Talalay latex, etc. The latex gives excellent bounce, so the sleepers are more likely to feel like they’re on top of the bed rather than “in” the bed. For stomach and back sleepers searching for solid support from latex mattresses, the Birch is likely the one you’ve been looking for.

#2 WinkBeds EcoCloud – The Best Kids’ Mattress

The WinkdBeds EcoCloud hybrid is an excellent latex mattress for children. It’s strong and won’t break down quickly, as many beds would with the roughhousing and rough use that kids often put on mattresses. Second, it provides excellent bounce, and kids won’t feel like they’re sinking into the mattress. Third, the mattress’s construction is supportive of healthy spine alignment which is absolutely vital for kids who are still developing. Latex is a naturally occurring material, so you won’t need to worry about exposure of your child to potentially dangerous chemicals. 

#3 Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid – The Best Hybrid Mattress

Are you interested in a mattress that’s a bed-in-a-box and provides even more bounce than your typical all-foam-construction mattress? If so, check out the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid! This mattress is a latex one and has three inches of comfy Talalay latex on top of the pocketed coils which provide strong support. This combo gives you a great bouncy quality that makes sure that sleepers don’t feel like they’re stuck in this bed. It’s covered by an organic cotton mattress cover.

The Bloom Hybrid also gives a firm feeling that is a good balance between pressure support and relief. This gives combo sleepers who roll a lot the comfort they need in many positions. One other advantage of this mattress is that the latex helps to dissipate your body heat far better than the other foams on the market, so if you’re worried about sleeping hot this may be a great choice! 

#4 Zenhaven – The Best Side Sleepers’ Mattress  

The Zenhaven has a full-latex core without the springs, and features fewer materials than most of the mattresses on this list. It features cotton, Talalay latex, and wool. These all-natural materials work together to give you a good mix of support and comfort. The Zenhaven is flappable as well, featuring both a firm and soft side.

#5 Avocado – The Best Firm Mattress

The Avocado is a bed-in-a-box product like many others listed on here. It’s a Dunlop latex hybrid which, due to this different latex material, is a bit denser than the rest. The Avocado has extra firm support as well, and has pocketed coils under the latex which will help sleepers’ hips stay elevated as well as maintain spine alignment for the stomach and back sleepers. This product is also durable and features a twenty-five-year warranty. 

#6 Awara – The Best Mattress for Back Pain

Awara uses four inches of Dunlop-variety latex to make a PillowTop-style feel over pocketed coils, which offer firm support. This makes for great news for the stomach and back sleepers, especially ones trying to avoid back pain. The Awara is also stand-out for giving excellent quality at a great price compared to the other latex options provide on the marketplace. 

The firm support of Awara gives you healthy spinal alignment – it accomplishes this because the mattress helps you stay on top of your mattress instead of having you sink into it. It gives excellent back support to avoid unnecessary aches and pains around that area, and gives great bound as well as a natural material build.

#7 Plushbeds Botanical Bliss – The Best Overall Organic Mattress

Latex mattresses give a great advantage in that latex is all-natural. The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress pairs this with organic wool and cotton, which allows you to stay away from harmful material and chemicals within your mattress. All the different sleeper categories we’ve discussed will have a comfortable sleeping experience in this particular mattress! 

The Botanical Bliss is versatile because of an all-latex core that has 3 distinct categories. These can be stacked in different ways to suit a variety of sleepers’ preferences for firmness. This means that the mattress is able to accommodate a variety of sleeping styles. It features bounce and cooling properties we except from the latex material, which mean it’s quite easy to move all around this mattress with ease. 

Our Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to buy a new mattress because it’s a product you don’t know anything about until you sleep in it for yourself. How can you buy a pricey mattress without knowing how you’ll feel and sleep in it?

This is the reason we did this thorough review. We hope it helps you select the best latex mattress for your personal sleeping and comfort needs! 

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