Helix Mattress Review


Sleepers searching for a mattress they can specify to their needs will certainly want to consider the Helix bed mattress.

Helix is one of the biggest standouts in the on-line mattress market. Potential customers can take a rest test outlining their sleep preferences, which makes it possible for customers to have their mattress specifically assembled to their needs. In addition, customers can pick from among their several mattresses that vary in regard to temperature, firmness, and parts.

In our extensive Helix review, we’ll cover every little thing interested customers need to know, from the construction, parts, and mattress breathability, right down to who it’s best for and its overall breathability.

All the Helix Beds have Quality Foams and Coils

This depends upon the design you pick, but the build is similar for 6 of the 9 mattress models. The six core designs are twelve inches thick with eight inches of coils and four inches of foam.

Helix differs the density and has a firmness ranking of its foams to get more assistance and less firmness. The Helix’s four foam types are the polyurethane foam, Memory Plus Foam, DuraDense Foam (aka Assistance Foam), and Helix Dynamic Foam.

The beds don’t all feature the same foam — some only have 3 of the 4 – but this won’t really matter for buyers. The foams are ultimately just levers for the Helix that can be pulled to offer 9 distinct models.

Finally, all the different Helix beds have a non-removable, soft touch cover. It’s developed to be versatile and also breathable for air flow purposes.

Feel & Firmness

The Helix offers excellent back support. Your hips sink in comfortable, and also the foam adheres well to the back area. While you side sleep, you’ll get excellent pressure relief on your shoulders and hips. While laying on your stomach, you’ll get a strong amount of support as well.

The support is best for mixed sleepers but is good for regular sleepers as well. Nonetheless, for people that sleep primarily on their stomach, you might want to look into a slightly softer mattress.

The Helix has a comfortable and balanced feel overall. There’s some hit of a memory foam feel, but it is just two inches, so the feeling of the coils and layers are recognizable, which gives the bed a balanced feeling overall.

The Helix’s Motion Transfer

Memory foam does a great job getting rid of motion transfer, and the Helix’s topmost memory foam layer cuts down on a large amount of it.

During our testing, we noticed the glass barely moved at all. We rolled and pushed into the mattress, and had multiple testers do this as well. Each of the testers barely felt each other’s movement, which indicate the mattress is great for couples.

The Helix’s Edge Support

We positioned ourselves near the mattress’s edge, and the coils keep the mattress from getting too compressed. This way we never feel like we’re sliding or falling off the bed.

When we lied down, we felt we were able to get close to the mattress’s edge without getting the feeling we’d roll off or be ejected from our bed. Overall, we think this mattress gives excellent edge support. 

Who is the Helix Mattress best for?

-Sleepers seeking customization. The Helix mattress asks its potential customers to take a quiz that narrows down their sleeping preferences and ultimately what they want out of their mattress. The Helix has so many models that there is definitely something for everyone, no matter what position you sleep in. The Helix addresses all of these preferences. My Helix Midnight – a medium-firm Helix mattress – was an excellent pick for me, as I’m a typical combination sleeper.

Those who don’t know what they want. The Helix removes all guesswork from your mattress-purchasing process. Answer the quiz questions and they’ll give you their take on what your ideal overall mattress is. Those who don’t like what the Helix offers can benefit from their trial period policy as well

Our Final Thoughts

The Helix is a great overall mattress which has something to offer everyone, no matter the preferences you have for sleeping. You won’t sleep hot in the Helix, the coils offer excellent support, and you can get the Ultra Cool Cover option as well as the gel-infused memory foam on the top.

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