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Though many people can benefit from having high-quality sleep, kids rely on quality sleep to power their learning and growth. Kids also need more sleep than their parents and other adults. The recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for sleep hours is based on different age groupings. Younger kids need more sleep on average, with the AAP recommending 10-13 hours of sleep daily for kids between ages 3-5. Older kids usually need fewer hours of sleep; the AAP recommends that kids between 13-18 require 8-10 hours of sleep daily.

Choosing the correct mattress will help your children to sleep well and get the adequate sleep that they need. Many of the factors that decide what kind of mattresses are right for adults will play roles in the kind of mattresses that kids need. These factors include pressure relief, firmness, edge support, temperature neutrality, and their preferred type of sleeping position, which will influence the mattress selection.

We tell you our selection below, for 2020’s top mattresses for children. We also explain the things to look out for when choosing a mattress for your kid:

1. The Bear – Best Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress utilizes a 100% foam build that gives a strong support and feel that’s great for sleeping on both your stomach and back. The firm feeling means that the hips are strongly supported, and helps maintain alignment of the spine.

The Bear features a memory foam comfort layer which provides body contouring, and helps to keep away from pressure points on the body. Many types of memory foam trap your body heat – the Bear avoids this with a graphite-infused type of foam which pulls heat from the sleeper and dissipates it throughout your sleep at night.

Bear Mattress

The people who want a sound sleep after the weariness of day; the Bear is the top choice for them. It has Celliant cover with gel adhesive memory foam.
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2. Layla Mattress – The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

This mattress feature memory foam which allows the sleepers to sink deeply into the bad, and this is an excellent advantage for side sleepers that want pressure relief. It’s flappable as well, featuring both soft and firm sides. No matter which side you pick, the Layla utilizes its copper-infused memory foam which is not just comfortable but also works to draw heat from the sleeper.

The Layla is also anti-microbial as well as hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for kids. Its two support level options, strong relief of pressure, and cooling features make the Layla a solid choice for side sleepers.

Layla Mattress

The comfortable layers of Layla mattress give significant pressure relief and support. In our cooling performance and motion transfer performance test, Layla mattress succeed and pass it with good remarks.


3. The Brooklyn Bowery Best Cooling Mattress for Kids  

It can be challenging to find the right temperature for kids to fall asleep. Kids are really no different when it comes to heating issues and having to take off the covers during the sleep at night.

The Brooklyn Bower does an excellent job dissipating body heat throughout the night, and this is thanks to the Energex foam comfort layer. This material results in a much cooler sleep than most memory foam mattresses on the market. The Bowery features extra mobility as well, and sleepers can change positions quite easy and with great comfort. Your child will never feel stuck in the mattress layers!

Brooklyn Mattress

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is pretty new to the marketplace, but the Brooklyn Bedding company is a well-respected company already. You can be confident when you purchase this mattress, that you’re getting a high-quality hybrid mattress product.

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4. The Leesa Studio Mattress – Best Bed for Combo Sleepers

This mattress features a 100% foam build that gives an excellent medium-firm pressure relief and support experience. This mattress’s comfort foam (the closest one to the user) is a memory foam which features a faster pressure response than the other memory foams, and this results in excellent mobility. The comfort layer is located directly above a poly foam layer, which means sleepers get more pressure relief from the foam, and also have great transitional support underneath! The Leesa Studio is great for those who are combination sleepers.

Leesa Mattress

It is simple in its style to be a comfy bed for plenty of sleepers. It does not have very many rings and hoots, although it has sufficiently to adjust to you if you have several worries like heat control, side support or stress alleviation.

5. 5 Little Monkeys- Best Beginner Bed for Kids

This mattress was built specifically for kids, using materials that have great benefits for kids. The softer feel is great for kids and is also resistant to stains, has a machine-washable cover, and more! This is great for kids who are still in transition to their first big kid bed!

6. The Tuft & Needle â€“ Best Kids’ Firm Mattress  

This all-foam mattress has 2 distinct layers, and gives kids a medium firmness while also doing an excellent job of regulating temperatures to help with cool sleeping.

Tuft And Needle Mattress

If you need bounciness and a warm bed, your ideal mattress may be T&N Hybrid. They use adaptive foam and coil layers to provide an amalgam of pressure relief and support. The T&N Hybrid is brought about a transformation in the mattress industry.

7. The Amerisleep AS2 Mattress – Best for Back Sleepers

It’s vital to have the correct alignment and support for your kids’ bed. This bed is all-foam and is firmer, so as to keep their hips from sinking right into the mattress. This means that the shoulders and hips are in total alignment. This is great support for growing kids as well! This mattress has some memory foam so it’s very comfortable as well.

Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep mattresses really are exactly what a Fantastic Foam mattress ought to be. They construct what sleepers adore about memory foam,great shape hug, great Vintage, fantastic stress reduction, and strong reinforcement.

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8. The Spindle – Best Natural Mattress for Kids  

This mattress features 3 distinct layers of Dunlop Latex, which create a bouncy mattress that makes for a cool sleep! This cover is made of organic cotton as well as all-natural wool. This combo makes for a very gentle experience, and it gives great comfort to all who sleep in it! Wool is excellent at handling moisture, which maintains cool temperature through the nighttime. The Spindle is able to be adjusted for changes in firmness, and their company offers any and all comfort adjustments for up to 1 year after sale.

What’s the Right Mattress Size for your Children?

There’s no proper mattress size per se for your child, though you should consider the lifespan of the mattress, your child’s body size and growth, and how you personally plan to utilize the mattress going into the future. Each different size has its own pros and cons:

Twin: The Twin mattresses usually are the right size for most kids. It’s the smallest of all mattresses sizes and tends to be the cheapest, and fits well in shared/small spaces. As your child grows over time, they may need a bigger bed.

Twin XL: these mattresses are the exact same width as the twins, thought they’re about 5 inches longer to accommodate teens and bigger kids. This size generally is pricier than twins, though it’s still affordable.

Full: Full mattresses give additional space for the child to move in the night, so it might be best of the children who change their positions most often. The bigger surface lets parents lie in the bed as well, and this comes in handy for spending time with your child, comforting them, and reading them stories at night.

Queen: The majority of kids don’t need this much space. These are pricier than the smaller mattresses, and the additional cost is often unnecessary. If you plan on utilizing the mattress for your guest room or another purpose, a queen size may be right for you.

King and/or California King: these are the biggest and priciest sizes. They give lots of space for a kid to move, and usually aren’t the best choice for those looking for a kid’s mattress…

Our Final Thoughts

No matter whether you select innerspring, foam, or an organic material mattress, you’ll want to ensure that all the current and modern consumer protection standards are met. When your kid makes a transition to a bigger bed size, you need to factor in quality of material and construction to make sure it lasts for your child for many years to come!

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