Best Twin XL Size Mattress


Below are our top 10 picks for the best twin XL mattresses in 2020.

The Twin XL mattress is a great choice when sending your tall teen off to college. This mattress measures 38 inches in width and has a length of 80 inches. It is ideal for tall single sleepers and for tight guest rooms.

The Twin XL mattresses is a transition mattress from teen years into adult years, you’ll need something that is good and budget-friendly. Continue reading to get our top 10 picks for the best twin XL mattresses, then followed by a complete guide which will help you to find the right twin XL mattress for you.  

Best Twin XL Mattresses

In the section following, we will look into how the top picks performed while tested in our in-house testing process in the mattress Lab. We spent about 750 hours testing and inspecting about 150 different mattresses. We’ve used this data to select our 10 favorite twin XL mattresses.

Best Budget Mattress – Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle is one of the most popular budget mattresses. What earned it this top spot in the mattress industry is its impressive quality at an affordable price. Additionally, the Tuft & Needle medium-firm feel suits the average sleeper, making it appeal to a wide variety of people. Unlike most all-foam mattresses, the Tuft & Needle top layer feels more like a combination of latex and memory foam. The result is a breathable, slightly springy foam that quickly adjusts to movements. These attributes benefit hot sleepers and those who toss and turn at night. 

Tuft And Needle Mattress

If you need bounciness and a warm bed, your ideal mattress may be T&N Hybrid. They use adaptive foam and coil layers to provide an amalgam of pressure relief and support. The T&N Hybrid is brought about a transformation in the mattress industry.

Best Innerspring Mattress – Saatva

We can agree that the Saatva mattress is among the best inner spring around. It’s very customizable and has a plush soft, luxury firm and firm options quite ideal for different sleep positions. With the exceptional lumbar support, the Saatva helps to prevent back pain, this provides optimal spine alignment. The Saatva is focused on providing both quality and satisfaction to its customer, it provides free white glove delivery, eco-friendly materials and a 120- night sleep trial. It has a wonderful durability and is very comfortable, these are wonderful features that makes it stand out amongst other coil mattresses.  

Saatva Mattress

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Best Twin XL for Adjustable Bed – Casper

Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress which features a distinct combination of memory foam, latex and dense poly foam layers provides a stable overall sleeping experience which is appealing to a variety of different sleepers, ranging from the combo sleepers to the strict side sleepers.

For average sleepers, the Casper Mattress is the best pick, it is a memory foam. It has zoned support and does an excellent job of ensuring the body is aligned. Average to heavy sleepers will enjoy the support as their hips and shoulders gently sink into the bed.

The Casper’s wonderful edge support makes it easy to get into and out of bed. The sturdy edges also combined with zoned support makes it a worthy contender for use with adjustable bases. You will feel firm support when you sit up and enjoy firm grip when you get in and out of bed.

All the foams used in the Casper mattress are certified by the CertiPur- US, this implies that they have been tested for harmful chemicals as well as VOCs. The memory foam mattress comes with little off-gassing effects when you unwrap it.

Best for Side Sleepers – Puffy Lux

This luxury mattress from Puffy is designed with the side sleepers in mind. The Puffy Lux has its layers of plush and a cool gel infused memory foam which provides a sleeping surface that cradles you. When one lies in the Puffy Lux, you’ll notice your pressure points melt in and this relieves the pain in your hips and shoulders. But unlike the other kind of memory foam mattress, the puffy wouldn’t make you feel as though you’ve sunk into a quicksand. The Puffy Lux scored exceptionally well in our in-house lab as regards responsiveness, which is a measure of how well the mattress moves with you. Its responsiveness also makes Puffy a favorite for individuals who toss and turn.

Puffy Mattress

The real goal of the puffy mattress was to provide facilitation for different kinds of sleepers. The brand has been successful in this respect. It s not very firm or gentle, nor is it very cold or hot. 


Best Memory Foam Mattress – Nectar

Nectar Mattress

We can conclude that this model provides contouring that makes the sleeper feel more comfortable. The nectar flagship bed in a box employ multiple layers to bring out the best results. 

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The nectar is a memory foam mattress which provides exceptional quality as well as comfort at a very competitive price point. It has three layers of memory foam and this helps to cushion problem points while still providing reliable supports. The Nectar works well for every sleeper that weighs more than 130 pounds due to its medium firmness.

The Nectar also provides a full-year trial period and a limited lifetime warranty and this is a distinguishing feature. This means that if you buy the Nectar mattress you have the whole year to check if it suits you. And when you decide to keep it, the warranty lasts for the period you do.

Best Hybrid Mattress – DreamCloud

Dreamcloud Mattress

DreamCloud mattress feature a hybrid design combines with top-performing foam and picketed foils for extra support to offer you a balance. You may benefit all the space of mattress due to edge support. Overall it is the top option for you.

The DreamCloud comes with an 8- layer luxury hybrid pillow top mattress. It has a quilted cashmere top and two layers of plush memory foam to create a cloudlike feel. Paired with layers of responsive latex, high-density memory foam as well as zoned coils, the DreamCloud provides an excellently plush as well as a supportive medium-firm feel.

With a 5- zoned coil system and a multiple support layers, the DreamCloud has a wonderful durability and is supportive for even heavy sleepers. It comes with a 365-night trial period as well as full refund and a lifetime warranty, DreamCloud ensures that your Mattress does not sag over a long period of time.

Best for Back Pain – Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep mattresses really are exactly what a Fantastic Foam mattress ought to be. They construct what sleepers adore about memory foam,great shape hug, great Vintage, fantastic stress reduction, and strong reinforcement.

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Amerisleep AS3 is an all-foam mattress that excels at relieving aches and pains. Below a plush memory foam layer is a transition layer that offers zoned support. The result is a bed that allows hips and shoulders to sink in while the back, legs, and head are supported. This added cushion and support where you need it makes the Amerisleep great for those with joint or back pain.

The high-performance Celliant cover is one of our favorite mattress covers. The Celliant within encourages blood flow and regulates temperature. When combined with AS3’s plush feel and zoned support, athletes will find themselves feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

Best Firm Mattress – Brooklyn Signature

Brooklyn Mattress

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is pretty new to the marketplace, but the Brooklyn Bedding company is a well-respected company already. You can be confident when you purchase this mattress, that you’re getting a high-quality hybrid mattress product.

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This mattress is a customizable hybrid mattress. The Brooklyn Signature comes in soft, medium and firm feel and you can easily choose a feel that best suits your needs.

It has one of the best firm mattresses that we’ve tested. It has a gel memory foam topper and a lower TitaniumGel comfort layer which provides good comforting layer to create a cool sleeping surface with just the right amount of contouring for people with preference of a firm bed. It has a high-density support layer above 6″ of wrapped pocket coils and provides adequate support for heavy sleepers.

Best for Hot Sleepers – Helix

The Helix provides six standard hybrid mattresses which allows customers to find the best fit that meets their needs. The Helix considers your Body type, sleep position and your firmness preferences before pairing you with a perfect fit.

The Helix’s mattresses are typically hybrid beds and has an inner layer of individually wrapped coils topped with comfort layers made of different materials. For individuals who like foams with a soft feel and side sleepers, the contouring memory foam delivers a soft, pressure relieving surface. For those who need a firmer Mattress, the upper layers are made from Helix’s Dynamic Foam.

Helix Mattress

The Helix is a great overall mattress which has something to offer everyone, no matter the preferences you have for sleeping. You won’t sleep hot in the Helix, the coils offer excellent support, and you can get the Ultra Cool Cover option as well as the gel-infused memory foam on the top.

Helix provides more customization for heavy weight and also the hot sleepers. It also has the optional Ultra- Cool Knit cover with a natural breathability of innerspring coils that is sure to give you a wonderful night’s sleep.

Best for Combination Sleepers – Nolah Original

Nolah Mattress

The mattress’ excellence has already been proven through its recognition for numerous awards, and the fact that the company offer a free trial is ideal for those not willing to pay absurd amounts for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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The Nolah Original 10″ memory foam helps to relieve pressure and ensures that one have a nice sleeping experience. The Nolah’s upper comfort layer AirFoamTM which has an impressive ability to cushion pressure points like the shoulders, backs and the hips. It has an open-cell design, to help you sleep cool as it is 100% foam.

While carrying out our in-house testing, the performance of the Nolah as regards responsiveness was impressive. The responsiveness is a measure of how well the mattress adjusts to movements. Combinations sleepers will really enjoy the seamless transition from one position to another.

Best Twin XL Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Due to the many available guides, shopping for a new mattress might seem overwhelming. In this Twin XL mattress buyer’s guide, we have tried to make the process simple for you.

In this guide, we’ll go over:

  • What is a Twin XL Size Mattress?
  • Benefits of a Twin XL
  • Mattress Type
  • Twin XL Mattress Accessories

What is a Twin XL Size Mattress?

A Twin XL mattress is basically the second smallest mattress size which is available for older children and adults. At 38″ wide and 80″ long, twin XL mattresses actually have same width with twin mattresses with same length as the queen-size and king-size mattresses. It has a narrow width and a long length. The twin XL is designed for tall sleepers who sleep alone.

Twin Bed Vs Twin XL Bed

Most children usually graduate into using a twin-size bed after using a crib mattress. The twin mattress measures about 38″ in width and 75″ in length. Twin XL mattresses have equal width as the standard twin, but is 5″ longer. This particular additional length makes the twin XL a preference for individuals who are taller than 6″.

Benefits of using the Twin XL

Twin XL mattresses are actually long and thin. This makes it possible for them to fit into small rooms, such as dorm rooms, guest rooms or studio apartments. Their narrow width is best suited for children or light-to-average weight adults who do not need a lot of shoulder room.

College Dorm Room

The Twin XL is the standard size for bed used in colleges as dorm beds, as it ensures that the tall sleepers enjoy adequate foot space. Due to the small size of the dorms, the twin XL gives very good balance between the sleeping room and the floor space.


Twin XL beds are quite longer than either the twin-size or full-size beds. Just the Queen size beds and the larger are as long as a twin XL. Just because queen and king mattresses are much larger and even more expensive than the twin XL mattresses, the extra-long twin is a very common choice for very tall sleepers.

Guest Room

In various homes, the little room is usually saved and used as guest room. In some families, the guest bedroom actually doubles as a location where large items, like suitcases or winter clothing are kept. As such, guest beds need to fit into very small space.

Because the twin XL mattresses are quite tall and narrow, they are seen as a good space saver. They serve adult visitors very well due to their long length and with a good width they can fit into any space perfectly.

Mattress Type

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are typically made out of plush foam which responds to body heat. Memory foam beds offer great pressure relief, making them a good choice for the side sleepers as well as for adults who suffer from aches and pains.

Another benefit of the foam beds is that there are so many high-quality, low-cost bed-in-a-box options. These mattresses can easily be shipped directly to a college student’s dorm, and this makes the process easier.

Innerspring Mattress

The Innerspring mattresses are made with inner-core of coils inside which gives it a bouncy, supportive feel. Most of the spring mattresses are medium-firm or firmer, delivering the right support for both the back and the stomach sleepers. The coil mattresses are quite incredible for breathing, and help hot sleepers enjoy a cool sleep.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid bed is designed using a combination of inner springs and a foam or latex layers. It has one or two comfort layers right above the innerspring coils, hybrid mattresses help to provide cushion to pressure points and do it better than the traditional innerspring mattresses. Their firm as well as their plush support makes the hybrid bed a good option for the different sleeping position.

Hybrid mattresses are more expensive than the all-foam or spring mattresses. As such, they are quite the best for the individuals planning to keep their mattress for more years to come.

Twin XL Mattress Accessories

There are quite a number of accessories of the mattress which help to boost comfort and longevity of twin XL mattresses.

Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are a beautiful way which can be used to make an extra-long twin mattress more comfortable. If you have a twin XL mattress which could be used for a bit more cushion, just a memory foam topper can change the feel of the bed completely. Mattress Toppers are purchased for the existing dorm beds to cheaply increase the comfort as well as support for those in need of it.

Mattress Pad

Mattress pads provide a thinner version of a mattress topper. Although they can offer minimal cushion, their main purpose is to help protect a mattress

Waterproof toppers, in particular provide great addition for the twin XL beds. They can easily protect a mattress from accidental spills or any other damage which are common in dorm rooms and also in guest rooms.


Twin XL mattresses are quite a popular choice for tall teens as well college students. It is suitable for use in the dorm rooms, the guest rooms. They have a nice size which helps to save space for very tight spaces like the dorm rooms, studio apartments and the guest rooms. Going through our list and studying our buyer’s guide must have given you tips to decide and pick the right twin XL bed of your choice.

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