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Sleep is vital for us human beings, even more vital than the nourishment which we absorb from both food and drink, this is largely due to the fact that sleep enables us to neglect our desire for food and drink, albeit temporarily, in addition to this, sleep is crucial to the healthy growth and development of every human being, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is equally as important to purchase the right mattress, to guarantee a goodnight’s sleep and to maximize the positive impact which sleep has on our bodies, so in this article we will be ranking our top 5 twin mattresses. It is important to note that twin mattresses are created specifically for both children and adolescents, so unless you happen to be amongst the smaller adults, a twin mattress isn’t ideal for you considering how such mattresses are just 39” wide and 75” long.

This article has been created specifically to make your decision making in regards to purchasing the best possible twin mattress that little bit easier, because like Goldilocks, we know that it is a tricky task finding the perfect bed.

1.The best- LINENSPA Mattress

Our top pick is the LinenSpa mattress, a hybrid mattress which incorporates both memory foam technology as well as the standard support of steel coils, meaning that you needn’t purchase memory foam separately to experience even weight distribution, as is the case so often. This composition results in a brilliant mattress which will assure a good night’s sleep for your child, in addition to this, the LinenSpa mattress is CertiPUR-US verified meaning that no harmful chemicals were utilized to manufacture the product, so you can rest assured that your child will not be exposed to any potentially harmful substances. The mattress is also long-lasting when the affordable price is considered, meaning that overall it is good value for money, the LinenSpa mattress also accommodates for every sleeping position for both children/teens and smaller adults given how it is both firm, allowing users to change position throughout the night while also contouring to the user’s body ensuring a comfortable experience. Finally, because of the mattress’ lightweight structure, the process of unpacking it is a breeze.

2.Most adaptable- Signature Sleep Mattress

The signature Sleep mattress, designed by the Signature Sleep company, a company which provide excellent memory foam beds at an inexpensive price, is an 8” Hybrid twin mattress which is both flippable and perfect for individuals with back pain given how it provides both additional support to the back, and stress alleviation. The mattress’ flippable design means that with a simple flip the user is able to maintain the quality of the mattress whilst also improving the lifespan of it as well, the mattress features a breathable cover made from polyester jacquard, meaning that you can sleep at a neutral temperature which you find comfortable whilst also experiencing less friction, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep. The Signature Sleep mattress also features individually encased supportive coils, all of which are long lasting and high quality, these provide great support as well as little motion transfer, resulting in a fairly firm mattress which accommodates for every sleeper, including stomach and side sleepers. Overall, the Signature Sleep mattress features fantastic support for the average child given the foam layers as well as the durable coils.

3.Ideal twin mattress for grown-ups – Best Price Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Our 3rd pick is the Best Price Twin Memory Foam Mattress, a mattress which is equipped with three foamy layers, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience. The 1st of the 3 layers is a 3” charcoal-infused layer, the second of which is 2” thick layer which incorporates a stress alleviation design to provide a comfortable surface for both joints as well as sore backs, so as to mitigate the effects of back pain. This stress alleviation system is a standout aspect of the mattress given how it ensures a greater amount of flexibility across one’s hips and shoulder thereby permitting the mattress to alleviate stress at these areas. The mattress also spreads out a user’s weight equally resulting in less motion transfer whilst also alleviating stress from pressure points, whilst the final of the 3 layers is a 5” layer made out of high-density foam in order to provide the necessary reinforcement for users who choose to sleep next to their companion, however, as this is a twin mattress, the best experience is felt when one sleeps solo, and given it’s colossal 10” depth, the mattress is appropriate for both grownups and babies.

4.Ideal for children – Modway Aveline Mattress

Our 4th pick is the Modway Aveline Mattress, an incomparably comfortable 6” mattress filled with gel which is designed to offer the best possible support- it is the ideal mattress for kids. The Modway Aveline Mattress features an ergonomic layout, this means that it comprises an open cell attribute, helping to alleviate stress on a user’s head, neck and spine, whilst simultaneously aligning the user’s spine as the stress on the lower back, shoulders and hips is alleviated. The mattress has been vigorously trialed by independent organizations and has since been verified, the mattress is not accompanied by any formaldehyde, TDCPP, TCEP, or PBDEs, this is a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing your child’s mattress. As the mattress features an open cell attribute, it keeps users cool by lowering perspiration levels during warm temperatures, and in addition to this, the degree of firmness is ideal for the majority of sleeping positions, meaning that this mattress keeps users comfortable at all times. It is also firm enough to provide the necessary support for all users within the suggested weight limit, meaning that the Modway Aveline Mattress is ideal for relaxation as your child is able to loosen their joints, spine and ligaments after a long day of work and play.

5.Ideal for a tight budget – Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

Despite coming across as a rather conventional mattress, given it’s 2-layer construct, the Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is surprisingly filled with useful qualities. Six inches of dense foam make up the mattress’ foundation layer, so as to eliminate the frequent problem of body warmth being trapped within the memory foam, which often results in a discomforting situation in which a user wakes up covered in perspiration. The upper layer constitutes to a single inch of the mattress’ depth, however, irrespective of it’s small contribution, it is arguably the standout feature of the mattress, with this layer featuring a less dense layer of foam, resulting in a spongy and incomparably comfy experience. In addition to this, as suggested by it’s name, the mattress contains green tea, an unusual addition to a mattress, yet this is incorporated into the mattress to preserve its quality and durability, and much to our astonishment, sleeping on a bed of green tea is as satisfying as drinking it. The Green Tea Mattress is amongst the more firm of mattresses, and the combination of the spongy cover and plush foam ensure a fantastic sleeping experience every time, as the bed contours to the shape of one’s body irrespective of one’s sleeping stance, therefore, the Green Tea Mattress is an ideal mattress for both children and adolescents given their tendency to alternate between positions whilst sleeping.

Who are twin mattresses suitable for?

A twin mattress (or single bed) is essentially the next mattress for children who have outgrown their cribs, twin mattresses are fairly small meaning that they fit nicely in small rooms such as guest or spare rooms. Generally speaking, the majority of bunks are shaped to accommodate for a twin mattress (39” by 75”), this may be too small for a grown up, but some smaller adults could sleep quite comfortably on a twin mattress. Twin mattresses are ideal for tight budgets given how they are smaller than standard mattresses, so should you have enough room for a standard bed yet are unable to pay for the mattress, duvets, frame etc. a twin mattress would be a ideal choice. Due to the convenience of twin mattresses in regards to their space saving size and affordable price, they are popular amongst college students, and are used in both guest rooms and smaller homes.

Aspects which you should assess prior to deciding on the right mattress


Generally speaking the depth of twin mattresses tends to vary between 5 and 10 inches, however, this varies between different makes, with some 12 and 14 inch mattresses available. You should choose an appropriate depth for your mattress given how this will establish how well the mattress will both distribute your weight and support your body. Generally speaking, heavier people should opt for thicker mattresses to guarantee maximum comfort.


Different mattresses are constructed from different resources, common resources used in mattresses include gel, memory foam, latex, inflatable as well as innerspring, yet the majority of single mattresses are made from both memory foam and latex. Hence, examining the resources used in each mattress is essential given how you must select a mattress which specifically suits your requirements.

Number of layers

The number of layers a mattress has determines the degree of sponginess and support which it provides, the more layers a mattress has, the spongier the mattress is, and on the hand, the fewer layers, the firmer / less spongy it will be. Different layers are composed of different resources, these resources provide different degrees of support, generally speaking, memory foam is most popular given how it provides the best degree of support. It is also essential that you are aware of the mattress’ firmness and that you purchase a mattress in accordance to your weight and the type of sleeper you are.

Cover material

Generally speaking, the majority of twin mattresses are delivered with either a removable or sewed-on cover, covers are necessary to limit wear and tear to the mattress whilst also protecting against both moisture and dust mites.

What do we think?

We hope that you found our article beneficial, and given our 5 top picks to choose from, all of which feature their own distinct qualities, the decision, which we hope that we have made easier, is ultimately yours when both your needs and budget are considered.

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