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Heavier people often have issues finding mattresses that are both comfortable and supportive. As a heavier person myself, I totally get this! There are a lot of good bed-in-a-box mattresses available today on the market, though I still frequently have a hard time finding one that fulfills my needs.

Because of this, I compiled a list for all those people buying bigger mattresses out there. I reviewed a large number of mattresses of all different sizes and shapes, and found 7 different mattresses which should work well with heavier people out there. Each varies in firmness, price, and design, so there’s a little of something for everyone out there.

Here’s my list of the top 7 mattresses – read on to find out more!

1.The Helix Plus â€“ Best Cooling Mattress

Helix offers a very wide range of mattresses with varying feels which can all be personalized to your particular sleeping styles. Helix has a diverse and unique lineup, and right now the Hybrid Plus is the best mattress that’s specifically made for heavier people who weight between 250-300 lbs. They’ve made an amazingly sturdy, supportive, and firm mattress utilizing many different types of foams and also a coil system. This support combination is excellent for combination sleepers who appreciate how easy it is to adjust their positions on top of the mattress.

The mattress also does an excellent job of sleeping cool, so it’s idea for those who tend to feel hot when they sleep. Multiple factors contribute to the cooling effect, which includes open-cell types of foam (these allow for additional airflow), covers that are breathable, gel infusions within the comfort section of the memory foam (helps lower the heat levels), etc. This mattress has a medium amount of firmness, so you’re likely to sleep on the top rather than sinking into the mattress, so you’ll avoid the “swaddling” feeling that comes up on beds with sinkage issues.

Helix Mattress

The Helix is a great overall mattress which has something to offer everyone, no matter the preferences you have for sleeping. You won’t sleep hot in the Helix, the coils offer excellent support, and you can get the Ultra Cool Cover option as well as the gel-infused memory foam on the top.

2. WinkBeds Plus – Best for Heavy Back Sleepers

The WinkBeds offer four distinct innerspring-style mattress types: these include the Firm, Luxury Firm, Soft, and Plus. This WinkBeds Plus was specifically designed for heavier people.

Heavy people are always seeking out materials in a mattress that support their weight; the WinkBeds have all that and more! The mattress has 7.5” of individually packaged and zoned coils as well as a zoned layer of latex. The tall coils are specifically built to handle the heavy weight, and the material zoning makes the layer’s center much firmer. When you combine all this, you get much more support underneath your lumbar zone.

The WinkBeds Plus is also very comfortable, boasting a plush material for the pillows on top of the mattress. The top is high-density and has foam that’s sag-proof while remaining comfortable. Sagging is quite a big issue for bigger people, and this won’t be an issue at all with your WinkBeds Plus!

The Winkbeds Plus’ zoning has an excellent balance of both support and comfort, which makes it the idea option for heavy back sleeping consumers. They’ll feel their hips comfortable sink into the material, while the zoning and coils give you perfect support.

The heavy back sleepers who need something for them will love this mattress!

WinkBeds Mattress

Winkbed is an exceptional and innovative amalgam of classic innerspring build up along with European style pillow top that comes with both memory and soft poly foam. It is considered a highly pressure reliving design with the firmness of pocketed coil springs edge support that maximizes the performance of the whole mattress.

3. Layla Hybrid â€“ Best Hip Pain Solution

If you have a lot of hip pain, you need a mattress supportive enough to give your hips a life upwards and out of the structure while also giving relief to pressure at the lower back. A hybrid is an excellent option for you, especially if built in a similar manner to the Layla Hybrid. 

The mattress is my absolute favorite for those with hip pain for several reasons. The first reason is that the bed utilizes a gentle and high-quality memory foam designed to soothe your aches and pain in the hips, lower back, and shoulders. Second, the interior section of the pocketed coils is tall and strong enough to give you life for a strong spinal alignment – this is critical for resolving join pain. The mattress gives you a well-balanced vibe that’s neither too form nor too gentle. The final point is that the bed can be flipped, so you’re able to tailor to your absolute specific needs. 

Layla Mattress

The comfortable layers of Layla mattress give significant pressure relief and support. In our cooling performance and motion transfer performance test, Layla mattress succeed and pass it with good remarks.


4.Best Mattress for who has Shoulder Pain – Leesa Hybrid

The heaviest sleepers who have shoulder pain have a unique issue: not only are they in need of a support structure to keep them lifted to the top of their bed, but they’re also needing more softness to have a cushion on their shoulders while they sink into the mattress. 

This Leesa Hybrid-style mattress meets all criteria for both heavy people and combo sleepers. It has many layers of the premium foam that gives you a great amount of pressure relief and comfort, and the pocket coils give you excellent support, while giving you the space necessary to sink into the mattress for pressure relief to your hips and shoulders.

After that, you’ll land on the taller section of the pocketed coils, and this curbs a bit of the sinkage in order to keep your spine in an even and comfy alignment. Its balance is well-designed and will satisfy multiple types of sleepers (though those with joint pain will get the most relief!) 

This hybrid has a large amount of bounce as well, which combination sleepers need to have. They need to make sure they’re able to move seamless on their mattress, and this won’t be an issue with your Leesa Hybrid.

Leesa Mattress

It is simple in its style to be a comfy bed for plenty of sleepers. It does not have very many rings and hoots, although it has sufficiently to adjust to you if you have several worries like heat control, side support or stress alleviation.

5.Bear Hybrid – Best Choice for Side Sleepers

Tons of mattresses are firmer, and the amazing Bear Hybrid stands out with its plusher feel that’s a big softer. This amazing hybrid has softer layers that let you sink right into this mattress. The softness is perfect for those who sleep on their sides, as it let you contour your body and defends you against any pressure near your hips and shoulders. It also helps you avoid being “jammed up” which happens quite a bit on mattresses that are firmer. 

The Bear Hybrid is soft while still being supportive enough to give you a good spinal alignment while sleeping on the side. It has pocketed coils that contribute to your bed’s supportive nature and also give you excellent bounce (so you won’t get the “stuck” feeling). Though mattresses have a couple different foam layers on top of the coils, it stays cool during sleeps thanks to the Celliant-material cover and the gel infusions. There have been studies suggesting they are promotive of recovery for athletic injury and fatigue.

Bear Mattress

The people who want a sound sleep after the weariness of day; the Bear is the top choice for them. It has Celliant cover with gel adhesive memory foam.
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6.The Brooklyn Titan – Best Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid beds are a lot more popular nowadays. Mattresses that have a combination of coil layers and foam count as hybrids; the Titan is a hybrid specifically designed for folks who are over 250 pounds. This robust design gives you a support mix that helps keep your spine aligns and gives you relief from pressure. This is ideal for those who sleep on their back, those who sleep on their stomach, or those who are combo sleepers who don’t sleep a lot on their side.

This mattress gets the unique feel from the TitanFlex foam, the polyfoam design, and the pocketed high-quality coils. These materials work together to give you an incredible number of perks. The TitanFlex’s pocketed coils and foam give you a bounce so you won’t be uncomfortable in your mattress. It’s also pretty easy to move around on top of it. The combination of coils and foam are great to isolating your motion, and this makes it a great choice for couples as well. 

Brooklyn Mattress

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is pretty new to the marketplace, but the Brooklyn Bedding company is a well-respected company already. You can be confident when you purchase this mattress, that you’re getting a high-quality hybrid mattress product.

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7. Saatva HD – Best Innerspring Mattress

We’ve reviewed all of Saatva’s mattresses, ranging from their original mattress to the Zenhaven, a flappable mattress made of latex. Another recent mattress of theirs is the Saatva HD, specifically made for heavier consumers.

This is the tallest of the mattresses on our list and measures 15.5” – those shopping for mattresses are able to add support foundations up to 8.75”, which makes this mattress even taller. This mattress gives you high-quality steel coils, Talalay latex, memory foam, comfort form, support foam, and more. All of the materials are very supportive and durable.

The mattress’s zoning makes it prefect for all 3 of the main sleeping positions: stomach and back sleepers will have plenty of support especially in the mattress’ centers. The side sleepers get excellent pressure relief from the mattress’s plush pillow top.

The Saatva HD is easily the highest-luxury mattress on our list – it feels and looks like a high-quality hotel mattress. This quality is definitely reflected in the high price, though it is a great investment.

Saatva Mattress

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8. The Casper Wave – Best Foam Mattress

The Casper Wave bed-in-a-box is different from the other mattresses on our list thanks to the construction, which is all foam. It features 5 foam layers which combines latex, memory foam, and poly materials. These foams combine to give a plusher texture and solid pressure relief. The feel will appeal to those who sleep on their sides. The latex foam gives a strong level of responsiveness to give consumers the max amount of comfort.

Many foam mattresses don’t give their users enough support to support those who are heavier, but the Casper Wave’s structure provides zoned support that gives extra hip support. Side sleepers will have relief at the shoulders as well without losing any support at their spine. This also means mattresses are perfectly aligned to the spine if you sleep on your stomach and/or back. The Casper Wave also comes in an excellent hybrid version if you like the bounce of the coils and want it in your mattress. 

Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress which features a distinct combination of memory foam, latex and dense poly foam layers provides a stable overall sleeping experience which is appealing to a variety of different sleepers, ranging from the combo sleepers to the strict side sleepers.

What Heavier Consumers Look for in Their Mattress

Heavier people need to consider several more factors when it comes to selecting a brand-new mattress – keep this info in mind, and it’ll be very easy to find the perfect mattress for you!

High-Quality Material

It’s critical in the majority of cases, because lesser-quality materials will result in worse sleeping due to sagging and other factors. Beds generally last more than 6 years nowadays, so if you select cheaper products with low-quality materials, you’ll likely need to change it once every 2 to 3 years. Most people don’t want to do this.

Material Thickness

It’s also vital to consider the mattress height – taller mattress generally give more support. Thinner mattresses often see their heavy users pressing right through the mattress.

It’s also extremely helpful to consider a mattress’s thickness at its comfort layer. A thinner layer may result in users sinking too far into the mattress while they press against the comfort layer and sink into its support layers. The thicker a mattress’s comfort layer, the less and less likely sleepers will have this particular problem.

Material Support

It’s also worth considering support, though it’s often very challenging to determine the right amount if one of the mattresses is bigger. Many of the mattresses on the market (both hybrid and memory foam) don’t have the right amount of support for heavier consumers.

Mattresses built for heavier people will have tall coils and higher-density foams that give more support, so it’s a good idea to select a mattress that has these features.

The high-density foams don’t compress easily, which means there is a slighter chance heavier sleepers “bottom out” through their mattress and press through to the support layers.

Higher-grade, taller coils are built to support heavier weights and some of the mattresses – including the Big Fig – features lots of coils on the mattress. This allows it to support more heavy weight numbers.

Our Final Thoughts

The heavier consumers will be considering this criterion when selecting a mattress, and they’ll be right on the way to picking the right mattress when they consider this. It’s just not as simple as picking the firmest mattress – heavier consumers need a durable and strong mattress that will not sag, but will still fit the sleeping needs. It may be challenging to find the right mattress to fit all these criteria, but you won’t regret it when you do!

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