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Innerspring mattresses are composed of a makeup of soft cushions and coils/springs. Most of the innerspring mattresses feature a packed padding layer that sits right under a setup of supportive and tight coils, for maximum comfort.

Our guide will give you all my best recommendations for your innerspring mattresses, as well as reviews of the mattress’ benefits and what types of sleepers a coil bed is good for. Please note that this information is based on my own personal opinions, so use it as your starting point but do your own research as well. Below I list what I think are the best innerspring mattresses. I’ll update this as I review and test out newer mattresses as well.

1.WinkBed – The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

WinkBed Mattresses come in 3 distinct types of firmness, and I’m a big fan of the softer variation for those people who sleep on their side. Side Sleepers have more pressure around the shoulders and hips, and the softer version of this WinkBeds Mattress gives excellent pressure relief around these 2 areas. The combination of pocketed support coils and foam layers give you additional support with additional give and softness to contour perfectly to side sleepers’ profile.

WinkBeds Mattress

Winkbed is an exceptional and innovative amalgam of classic innerspring build up along with European style pillow top that comes with both memory and soft poly foam. It is considered a highly pressure reliving design with the firmness of pocketed coil springs edge support that maximizes the performance of the whole mattress.

2.Brooklyn Bedding Signature – The Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

The Brooklyn Signature is a newer hybrid-style mattress that I’m including on the list due to its excellent coil support system which gives you awesome bounce. The mattress coils support multiple layers of foam which provide excellent comfort and pressure relief, while having quick responses to pressure, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck when you change positions.

The combo of the coils and foam give you an excellent medium firmness for multiple positions, which is great for people who roll a lot when they are sleeping. This, as well as its bounce, establish the Brooklyn Signature as a premier bed for combo sleepers.

Brooklyn Mattress

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is pretty new to the marketplace, but the Brooklyn Bedding company is a well-respected company already. You can be confident when you purchase this mattress, that you’re getting a high-quality hybrid mattress product.

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3.The Saatva – Best Mattress for Back Pain

The Saatva Mattress is a new Innerspring model which is good for those who have lower back pain. Mattresses which sag or are too soft let the sleeper’s hips sink even lower than other body parts, and this works to exacerbate spinal and back pain. The Saatva Mattress leans more toward firm feels and help keep the sleeper’s weight evenly spread out.

Saatva Mattress

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4.The Big Fig – The Best Mattress for Heavy People

This mattress is made for heavier people, who have different support needs for selecting the proper mattress. The Big Fig features a robust base and strong innerspring support (and additional edge support). This is all topped off with foam layers and a quilt cover for more comfort. This makes for a high-quality innerspring mattress which supports heavy sleepers and is comfortable and relieves pressures via its specially designed surface.

5.The Layla Hybrid – The Best Hybrid Mattress  

Are you looking for gentle innerspring-style mattresses, look at a hybrid like the Layla Hybrid. These have layers of coils and gentle foam in the design, which work to create a balance of both support and pressure relief.

The Layla Hybrid is great for those who love innersprings because it has flappable construction. You’re able to switch to and from a “soft” side and a “firm” side depending on what you want, which allows you to switch back and forth depending on what you want on a particular night. You can’t go wrong with either side, as the pressure-relieving memory foam is amazing no matter what you pick!

Layla Mattress

The comfortable layers of Layla mattress give significant pressure relief and support. In our cooling performance and motion transfer performance test, Layla mattress succeed and pass it with good remarks.


6.The Aviya – The Best Value Mattress

The Ayiva Mattress cuts out the middleman with this direct-to-customer mattress. This allows it to be nicely priced while remaining high-quality. Aviya has multiple layers of foam and pocketed coils along with even more edge support. It does a great job at lowering motion transfer, and this is a huge factor for restless sleepers and those who sleeps with their partners.

7.The Beautyrest Platinum Mattress – The Best Luxury Mattress

Simmons’ Beautyrest Mattress is made by one of the industry’s most respected names. The Beautyrest appeals to luxury consumers with the benefits of foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses combined. It is 13 ½ inches tall and its construction is made from memory foam and gel foam layers, as well as pocketed coils. This mattress also has excellent edge support form as well, which ensure that sleepers get the absolute most out of the mattress’ full surface. The cover looks good too!

Innerspring Mattresses Benefits

Innersprings utilize a denser layer of metallic sprig coils in a variety of densities and gauges to give extra pressure relief and support. Lots of innerspring mattresses utilize encasement foam on their top ad the mattress sides. This is to protect coils and add another comfort layer to the top of the mattress.

The thicker the metal gauge that’s used, the firmer the feel of the mattress. A higher gauge means a thinner spring, and a lower gauge makes for a thicker and denser spring. When looking for an innerspring mattress, be sure to investigate the coil type, gauge, number of coil types, used, and how they all connect.

Springs and Coil Types

When you look for your innerspring mattress – you’ll notice 4 distinct types of the coils: pocket coils, Bonnell coils, continuous coils, and offset coils.

Pocketed Coils

Pocketed coils (aka pocket coils) are wrapped individually in thin fabrics. These are then joined with each other, wire-free, to connect the entire assembly. The pocket coils perform completely independent of one another, and this makes for a bigger contour/hug and less motion transfer. A mattress that has pocket coils is pricier than Bonnell coils – this is because they’re more expensive to manufacture.

Bonnell Coils

This type of coil was the first to be used in traditional types of innersprings. Its hourglass-type shape expands or compresses depending on how much pressure is added. The coils are all laid out in distinct rows across the mattress, and all the rows are put together with a helical lacing technique using a long wire to connect the coils together. This helps them react as one complete assembly.

The cheapest of the spring mattresses utilize this coil since they’re fairly cheap to make, but they are definitely used in high-quality mattresses regardless of this. When you look at the coil count, wire gauge, and the encasement foam quality you’ll know if the mattress you’re looking at is a good choice.

Continuous Coils

Continuous coil mattresses are made with single wire pieces that coil and turn on themselves to form individual coils. Since they use only a single wire piece, the one drawback of this mattress type is motion transfer. This is a typically cheap method to produce and may utilize lower-quality material.

Offset Coils

These coils are quite like the Bonnell coils, though instead of being rounded on top, they have a single straight side which results in a “D” shape. The shape let the coils have a strong hinging ability when they’re connected together, as well as smaller gaps between coils.

Selecting Your Innerspring Mattress

When you pick an Innerspring mattress, try to find ones that are made with individually wrapped coils (enclosed in a steel material); these will ensure you have high support levels and excellent quality.

One thing to look out for is copper springs. These may help you out in determining the best innerspring mattress for your personal needs. The anti-bacterial properties of the mattress copper springs help to ensure your bed is germ-free and safe for sleeping.

Lastly, please consider getting an innerspring mattress that ha motion separation options. This technology helps minimize the bounce/movement that happens when you climb on or off your mattress and adjust our body’s position.

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