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Are you looking for the absolute best mattress for you? There are so many different options on the market, but if you’re a general consumer who doesn’t fit into a single category, it’s likely that a hybrid mattress is your best bet. Hybrids give you the absolute best feel by utilizing a mixed construction, combining coils, foam, and additional material to give you an incredible sleeping experience.

Hybrid Mattresses – What are They?

A hybrid mattress combines foam layers with a coil base. The foam is usually composed of latex or memory foam. The hybrid mattresses were made to bridge gaps between foam mattresses and coil to satisfy those who weren’t completely satisfied with either bed type.

Coil/innerspring mattresses are well-known for the bounce and support they give, while the memory foam mattresses usually are known for contouring hugs and body pressure relief. These two materials. These two types of materials are different, but combine for their own unique bedding experience.

Top Eight Hybrid Mattress Brands

Below I have listed my favorite hybrid mattresses for different needs. I’ll continue to update this list as I test and review new mattresses.

1.Leesa Hybrid – The Best Couples Mattress

If you and your partner need a hybrid mattress you should definitely look into the Leesa Hybrid. It’s built with bouncy coils and gentle foams to give you a strong balance between support and pressure relief. It has excellent edge support, which maximizes the mattress’s usable surface area.

These features are great, but I also really like the fact that the Hybrid sleeps cool as well. It features a top foam layer that encourages breathability all throughout its structure. The memory foam and poly foam layers on the top do a great job of absorbing/disappointing mattress throughout the motion. A vital character for all mattress consumers, and especially for couples, since it means that one partner’s tossing/turning won’t disturb the other person.

2.Birch – The Best Organic Mattress

Are you worried about polyurethane foams? If so, you should look into mattresses that are made from organic-certified materials. You’ll find this with the Birch Living Bed! Certified by Greenguard Cold, it’s been completely tested for any and all volatile and problematic organic materials, formaldehyde, exposure to chemicals, phthalates, and pollutants. It also has an organic wool and cotton cover, a Talalay latex that’s completely natural, and a pillowtop that’s organic and natural. 

3.Layla Hybrid – The Best Hybrid Mattress to Help with Back Pain

Those who suffer from back pain that are searching for a bouncy and comfy hybrid mattress should look into the Layla Hybrid. This excellent bed features coils that are springy, as well as gently memory foam that combine to give you balanced support and pressure relief.

This approach is great for those who have pains and aches on their back area, as it lifts their hips for a neutral spine alignment and also provides lots of give at the shoulder area to limit jamming. The bed is also flappable, and has a Firm and Soft side, allowing all sleepers to hone on the proper comfort level for them.

4.Bear Hybrid – The Best Athletes’ Mattress

Are you an athlete looking for a bed that helps you to get good sleep and faster recovery? If so, take a look at the Bear Hybrid. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a star athlete or just doing athletic stuff for fun: you know that you must have quality recovery after your exercise. One of the absolute best way to do this is getting a solid night’s sleep. The Bear Hybrid utilizes a Celliant cover, and there is also evidence the material helps with athletic recovery and also provides relief for joint and muscle pain. Athletes are not the only people who like the Bear. It helps side sleepers since it gives great pressure relief due to its soft foam use. 

5.Helix Midnight – The Best Side Sleepers’ Mattress

For those who are mostly side sleepers, it’s absolutely vital to find mattresses that give excellent pressure relief. This makes an enormous difference between jammed shoulders and jammed hips, or having a comfortable sleep all throughout the night. I recommend side sleepers find a mattress with softer materials like memory foam on the top. You will find that here with the Helix Midnight.

The Helix is well-known for its wide variety of mattresses which feature customizable feels and firmness. The Midnight is one of three mattresses the company made specifically for the side sleeping demographic. It has memory foam comfort on top of pocketed coils and polyfoam, and this makes for a medium-firm feel that gives relief from pressure, without losing any support. 

6.WinkBeds EcoCloud – The Best Latex Mattress

WinkBeds EcoCloud stands out from other mattresses on the list due to the fact it uses natural Talalay latex in lieu of polyfoam and/or memory. The latex is just one of two layers located in the mattress – the other one is made of pocketed coils, and when combined with latex it makes for excellent medium-firm support. Both latex and these coils are bouncy types of material, so this mattress makes for great mobility in which you’ll never feel stuck at all. This mattress may appeal to combo sleepers who change positions quite a bit during the night.

7.DreamCloud – The Best Budget Mattress

New mattresses can vary quite a bit in price – if you have a tight budget, you need a mattress that gives you a lot of value without breaking your bank. The DreamCloud is an excellent solution for this, using high-quality materials while being at a great price point.

The materials include gel memory as well as poly foams on top of pocketed coils. These work together to make a medium-firm mattress that offers you body-contouring without having you sink too far in. This is the sweet spot for many combo sleepers that are trying to keep comfortable. In many positions. Couple may also like this one, as it gives you great-quality edge support and the foams do a great job of keeping motion from one side of this mattress to the other side.

8.Casper Hybrid – The Best Combo Sleepers’ Mattress

The Casper has Zoned Support, which gives you more support at your helps for optimal spinal alignment when on your back. It’s also soft around your shoulders so the side sleepers will enjoy sinkage as well as pressure relief. The foams relive pressure and are great at isolating transfer of motion, so the bed is likely a great option for combo sleepers and partners who move a lot in the night and don’t want to disturb the other person in the bed. 

Our Final Thoughts

Selecting a great hybrid mattress can often be challenging, but there’s no need for it to be a stressful affair. Hopefully, all these recommended mattresses will be helpful to people!

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