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Are you moving your home and surrounding by lots of boxes or maybe going out for a weekend camping? if yes, then you may need the best air mattress for comfortable sleep. If you are inviting your friends to your home, then you will need the best and high-quality air mattress. These best air mattresses are always ready to make your life easier and comfortable.

Why Air mattress is best?

Air mattresses are the best, convenient, and comfortable alternatives to any traditional beds. It is so because, these mattresses are lightweight, easy to pack away, and simple to use. If you are not using these mattresses, then due to lightweight, you can easily move these mattresses from one place to another.

They are amazing and perfect when you have regular based overnight visitors at your home. It also acts as a must-have item when you stay away from your home.

So, What?

If you are a newbie in purchasing the best air mattress or looking for the upgraded model of the older one, then you are in the right place. In this informative article, we have reviewed the best 10 air mattresses that you can easily buy in 2020 and 2021. The article also provides a handy and informative buying guide.

Top 10 Comparison of Best Air Mattress

1. SoundAsleep Dream Air Mattress ( Editor’s Choice)

The mattress is editor choice of this amazing review. It is a top-rated air mattress that comes in queen size. The dimension of the product is 58*78*19 inches.

The air mattress features the best raised-height design and 2 best internal chambers. The mattress act as an adjustable air mattress that offers best-personalized comfort. Due to adjustable design, it is one of the great and best temporary beds for your guests.

It comes with durable internal 40 air coils that lend the best mattresses for increased firmness. It also gives better support for amazing and comfortable sleep/

The mattress comes with super grip bottom that can prevent the air bed from pushed around when your turn to toss over-night.

The amazing waterproof flocked top is od extra-thick width. It gives individuals the best comfort to sleep. Underneath the air mattress, there is puncture resistance PVC in many layers. This feature gives air mattress a better level of durability and resiliency.

The luxury air mattress is well-fitted with an electrical pump. The pump enables to inflate or deflate the air mattress instantly. The click-on-the-toggle is needed to bring the mattress to the full shape size in only 4 minutes.

It is perfect for those people whose guests are staying in their homes unexpectedly.

One drawback of this air mattress is that it is a little bit noisy. You may also experience chemical odor when you use it for the first time. But that chemical odor may dissipate with time.

Verdicts: Overall, you need to thanks to this set because of huge features like easy to use, 1-year warranty, reliable, and comfortable. It is the most recommended air mattress. You can use this mattress in your daily routine hours and enjoy comfortable and fresh sleep.

What do we like?

  • The queen size air mattress is ideal to accommodate many guests.
  • Inflates in only 4 minutes
  • Offer sure-grip bottom from sliding protection
  • Separate the air chamber that allows you to adjust the air fill according to your requirement.
  • Real-bed feelings because of raised height.

What we do not like?

  • Chemical odor for first time use
  • Noisy pump
  • Require top-ups frequently if you want to use it for a longer time.

2. King Koil Queen best Air Mattress (Most convenient)

If you in searching for the comfort and luxury air bed for accommodating your family or friends, then we think that this model manufactured by King Koil is best to air mattress available on the market for you.

The thick-sued and ultra-soft quilt top makes the product amazing and perfect. Due to the super quilt top, then queen size air mattress fives you comfortable and warm sleep. It enables your guests to enjoy the whole night with comfortable and refresh sleep. The fully puncture-resistant and water-proof material will protect against any accidents and spills. The best-textured suede top will keep the sheets in the perfect place.

The air mattress comes with coil-beam construction. This construction gives amazing support and also helps to maintain the alignment of spinal in proper shape when you are sleeping.

King Koil manufactured amazing products so that why the product of this brand is supported by the “International Chiropractors Association“. Due to this endorsement, the air mattress becomes one of the best options for those people who may suffer some back pain.

The King Koil airbed can easily be inflated and deflated because of a convenient and sturdy built-in pump. The pump offer rapid setup within no time. If the mattress develops some air leaks, then you need to click-on the internal pump to offer it a better boost. The product comes with a 1-year guarantee to offers better peace of mind.

King Koil

What we do like?

  • Quilted and soft suede top
  • Gives warm and comfortable sleep
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Fully puncture-resistant
  • Water-proof air mattress
  • Durable coiled-beam construction
  • Helps to gives proper spinal alignment
  • Built-in and sturdy pump for instant inflation

What we don’t like?

  • Soft suede top for those people who like a firm air mattress
  • The storage bag may tears
  • Slow leakage of air with regular usage.

3. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Air Mattress (Cheapest Option)

Are you looking for the cheap and best air mattress to use it for occasional use? If yes, then air bed form Intex brand is the best low-cost and durable air mattress.

The generous 22 inches higher air mattress than other sets available in the market. It closely resembles the traditional bed in both comfort and height. It also offers the best features of low cost and mobility benefits. Due to its amazing height, the inflatable design bed can easily be fitted without shifting or bunding into the queen-size fit sheet.

With an amazing powered and built-in electric pump, the user can easily deflate and inflate the air bed to full-sized within 3-5 minutes.

The firmness of the air bed can easily be adjusted with the help of the touch button. The level of firmness is good for couples too.

But some couples may find it a little bit uneven at the edges because one partner may feel uncomfortable than the other one. Many users also complained that the air mattress may lose air during sleeping hours. It also takes more time to deflate and then pack away the mattress along with you.

It is high-quality and durable because of high-quality material. The construction of the bed is an amazing option for any occasional trips and hosting.

You will get the best and worthy value even at low cost while using Plush Elevated dura beam mattress. It is not suitable for routine use.

What we do like?

  • cheap price
  • Plush pillow top
  • Extra comfort
  • Easy inflation because of the built-in pump
  • Adjustable level of firmness
  • 22 inches height that gives a feeling of a traditional bed.

What we don’t like?

  • Uneven firmness
  • Slow inflation
  • Air is leaks overnight

4. OlarHike Queen air Mattress with super built-in Pump (Perfect for guests)

If you hosting your family or friends daily, then we think that this air mattress is the best one for you.

The super-soft flocked top of 18 inches in height air bed is very comfortable to sleep. The air bed offers you the real bed feeling. The inner air coils and thick fabric offers your body the best support the whole night. The air mattress also features a built-in pump that can easily inflate and deflate.

The powerful motor pump gives you quieter operation than other air mattresses available on the market. It is a perfect mattress if you are looking t setup the best guest bed without waking your kids or disturbing your neighbors.

After inflation air, the air bed can easily hold air very well. When two adults are sleeping on it, then it maintains the inflation of air for about 48 hours and without any sign of leakage. You would never worry about topping the bed up many times. The deflation of an air mattress is also very easy. You need to turn the powerful pump in an anti-clock wide direction and remove all air in a few minutes.

The easy-to-use and easy to clean mattress come with small nifty storage bag. It also features a puncture repair kit that makes the air mattress the great accessory.

Some of the negative points also exist for the air mattress. Some customers claimed that mattress offers little support, It also gives some unpleasant smell of chemical that may linger in some days.

Some users also found that this mattress may be stretched after heavy use. But this stretches never impact on the usability of the mattress.

What we do like?

  • Offers a better level of posture support
  • Comes with a puncture repair kit and carry bag
  • Has the ability to maintain inflation for about 48 hours
  • Built-in and fine pump that may inflate and deflates easily.
  • Extra comfort because of soft and flocked-top

What we don’t like?

  • Chemical smell at the start
  • May stretches with daily use
  • Lacks of edge support

5. Noble Queen Double-high Raised Air Mattress (The best queen-sized)

If you are looking for the large size air bed, then this is the delightful queen mattress for you. It is a large size air bed manufactured by Nobel.

The air mattress features the best and specialized coil beam technology. This technology offers firm support and a superb structure for comfortable and healthy sleeping posture. The flocked upper layer and pillow top are very soft to touch. It enables your guests to feel cozy and warm throughout the night. It also ensures that the sheet is placed securely. The amazing quilted top of the air mattress is waterproof so you would never worry about accidental spills.

With the help of a built-in pump, the mattress can easily be inflated and deflated. It is perfect for you when your guest stays at your home unexpectedly. If you already have a pump but want more power than the previous one, then you can attach a secondary valve and make the pump more powerful.

With this superpower mattress, there are some issues after heavy use. The material that is used around the pump may prone to crack. The body of the air mattress may also suffer some bulges when using it for a longer time.

You may also experience a strong odor of plastic when using it for the first time. This smell may fade away with time but no within one week.

What do we like?

  • Water-proof topper
  • A secondary valve that enables you to use your pump
  • Coil-beam technology
  • Maintain a healthy and supportive sleeping posture.
  • Built-in pump that deflates and inflates in a few minutes
  • Pillow top for comfort and warmth,

What we don’t like?

  • Unwanted and unpleasant odor
  • Material that is used around the pump may prone to crack with time
  • May bulge or bump with daily use at complete inflation

6. Coleman Camping Cot Air mattress ( Perfect size for camping)

If you want to enjoy the party outdoors with friends, then camping cop manufactured by Coleman is the best and perfect size air mattress for camping.

The air mattress comes with a battery-operated pump. It is a great camping air bed for a weekend or monthly adventures.

The inner side air-coil construction of the air mattress supports the body and also gives you a comfortable sleepy night.

The air mattress also provides leakage-proof design and stitched-in cover. These features ensure that the air mattress is fully inflated and stays secure until morning time.

With a durable and sturdy steel frame, the air mattress can easily support sleeper of eight 600 lbs. You can easily sleep overnight without any fear of escaping air.

The build-in and sturdy cup holders are amazing to keep storing the morning coffee or beer bottle. The better fold-up design of air mattresses also makes easy storing features.

Besides all of these, the Camping cot by Coleman is an amazing choice. But there are some issues. One issue is that it is a little bit heavy while carrying it from one place to another. The battery-operated pump may slow the inflation of the mattress. When you are a restless guy, then this cot may little squeaky.

What we do like?

  • Great old construction support
  • Built-in and sturdy cup holders
  • Folding design for easy and secure storage
  • Leakproof Stitching
  • The pump is battery operated.
  • Easy to use

What we don’t like?

  • Little bit noisy
  • Pump work slow in the inflation process
  • quiet heavier to support and transport

7. Insta Bed Raised (Perfect option)

If you are searching dual feature air mattress, then Raised air mattress in both twin and queen size is available for you. It comes with a Never-flat pump that makes your choice amazing.

The air mattress can be raised to 18-inches that makes the bed easy to sleep. The raised mattress comes with horizontal reinforcements and circular coils. These features give comfortable sleeping experience with an addition to a flocked top. The flocked top is manufactured to keep the sleep bedding in the proper place.

The air mattress comes with a powerful and quiet internal pump. The AC pump can easily inflate and deflates the air mattress in only 4 minutes. It also allows you to adjust the level of firmness to your favorite level like Firm, medium, or plus.

Due to the use of Never-flat technology, the air mattress keeps the bed at a proper level the whole night. You can easily securely adjust the pressure level.

After putting the sheets, you would never tell the difference between a quality innerspring bed and an air mattress.

Some issue with this air mattress is a secondary pump. The secondary pump that is used to maintain the pressure may prone to break with daily uses. So, we always recommended using the bed for guests not for daily use.

The air mattress does not provide edge support. So, when you sleep to the edge mattress side, then you may have a feeling of rolling off.

What we do like?

  • 18 inches height that looks like a real bed
  • Built-in and fine pump that offers an adjustable level of firmness
  • The flocked top is warm and cozy
  • The secure bedding
  • Give better support
  • Comes with never flat technology
  • Maintenance of pressure for the night is good

What we don’t like?

  • Maybe budge when it may over-inflated
  • Edge support is not good
  • The auto-pressure pump may fail to work.

8. EnerPlex high-speed wireless air mattress for camping: (Sturdy and durable model)

If you are looking for the best, sturdy, and durable air mattress, then EnerPlex air mattress is the right option.

The air mattress is made from puncture-resistant and resilient PVC. Due to durable material, the ai bed is used as a regular air mattress without failing at all. The height of the air mattress is 9 inches. It is very easy to get in and out because of an anti-slip and textured base that prevents further sliding or shifting on hard floors.

The mattress is perfect for camping. It comes with a rechargeable and wireless pump so that you never worry about inflating of bed. It is highly compatible with 12V charger and 120 V power outlets. The pump is ready to full charge in only one and a half hours. So, you get the best experience with this air mattress.

It is a very comfortable air mattress because of the soft and flocked top. The tops always ready to gives cozy and warm. It also features coil beam technology that ensures the best spinal alignment for powerful night sleep. It can easily hold air. You need to top up for daily use.

One downside of this air mattress is that it lacks edge support, The air mattress is vulnerable to bulges when overinflated for a long time. So, you never pressurize it. The mattress will give you long-term benefits at the end.

What do we like?

  • Comes with an anti-slip base that prevents sliding
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • The outer side is punctured-resistant
  • Comes with rechargeable and wireless pump
  • Coil beam construction for better spinal support
  • Soft and flocked top that adds comfort

What we don’t like?

  • Limited edge support
  • Can easily bulge when over-inflated
  • It may require tops-up on daily basis to use for a long term period.

9. The Shrunks Toddler bed (Perfect for toddlers)

If you are looking for a travel bed for your toddler, the Shrunks Toddler bed is the best option for kids.

The air mattress is designed with double-layer constructions that give safe and secure bedding. If you are camping or staying in a family member’s house, then this bed is special for your kid. With a flocked and soft top, your child feels just like enjoy at home. 

The shrunk bed can easily inflate bu suing the powerful pump. The powerful pump will blow the bed in only half minutes. It gives you the ready bed for your kid no time. The bead comes with built-in fine bumpers that prevent the restless child from fall outside of the bed during the night. It comes 9 inches height that reduces injury risk.

The air mattress for kids is free from lead, phthalate, and BPAs. These features make the air mattress safe for your child and give an amazing peace of mind.

When you opened the model for the first time, then it may give you a chemical odor. It never harmful for your kid and dissipate in a few days. It is a great choice for kids. It comes with built-in bumpers that are useful but some customers may found it as squeaky. The included pump is effective but not so durable.

What do we like?

  • Free from BPAs, phthalates, and lead
  • Powerful and effective pump that inflates the bed in only 30 seconds
  • It comes with durable and built-in bumpers that prevent falls
  • It comes with dual-layer and allows tuck sheets in.

What we don’t like?

  • Squeaky bumpers
  • Unreliable pump
  • Plastic smell during 1st time use

10. Intex classic Downy (Cost-effective choice)

The overall size of this set is 11 lbs. It can easily support weight up to 600 lbs. The Intex classic air mattresses are a cost-effective choice. The product comes with a low profile, queen size air beds, and multipurpose use. These features allow the snug-fit for the fitted sheets. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

The air mattress is perfect to use at home and in the tents. It can easily be folded up for easy storage. The amazing combination of wave-beam and water-proof flocked top construction, the bed features comfortable sleep. There is no built-in pillow but comes with two inflatables that are great if you are not sure about type.

It is a double bed that comes with an external hand pump. With this pump, you may require exertion. It is light in design as compared to other external pumps. It is ideal for traveling and backcountry outings.

The downside of this product is that it may prone to leakage slowly with time. It is the thing that makes it not durable to use for a frequent basis. It is only the best air mattresses for hosting and occasional outings.

What do we like?

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Waterproof flocked tops
  • Two inflatable pillows
  • Wave beam construction gives support and comfort
  • It can support a weight of 600 lbs.

What we don’t like?

  • Not durable if used for a long time
  • Prone to slow leakage
  • Manual pump

How to utilize an air mattress?

There are different ways to use it in air mattresses. You need to check the three scenarios below:

a) As the main bed

Air mattresses are portable. You can also use air mattresses as permanent beds. They may not be packed away for storage bit can be left-out for daily night sleep.

These air mattresses are expensive than small guest beds They often come with a separate built stand or raised platform.

They act as permanent beds for those people who gave mobility issues or have back pains. It is best for those people are searching the sleeping surface and can be adjustable with need. Lots of durable options available with built-in pumps. So, you are always ready to inflate the bed in instant and quick time

b) As the temporary guest bed:

The air mattress in twin or queen size is ideal to use as a temporary guest bed. The compact ability and flexibility features make the mattress more comfortable to sleep while comparing it with the sofa or hard floor.

Lots of varieties of air mattresses come with power deflate and built-on pumps for inflating. So, you only need to set the bed and make your guest who visits your home happier.

c) For Camping and Backpacking

If you are a lover of camping and enjoy it with natural beauty, then air mattress is the best accessory that can utilize in camping. Air mattress makes the best, affordable, and comfortable alternative to sleeping pads. You can sleep easily on twin or queen size that is present inside the small tent and larger tent.

What is the perfect air mattress to purchase?

The section will highlight the basic features that you consider while deciding to purchase an inflatable mattress.

a) Types of air mattresses

There are lots of mattresses available on the market. Let us take a look at the common types of air mattresses so that you will get a better idea about which is the best bed for you.

a) Heavy-duty air mattresses

It is known as heavy-duty air mattresses because it is manufactured from durable puncture-resistant fabric. These mattresses also feature leak proofing and leak locking technology in the pump. They can be used for a longer time and in any situation without any worry of wear or tear. They are durable than lightweight design air mattresses. It is the best choice for camping and for those people who are looking at the permanent replacement for the traditional bedding.

b) Self-inflating air mattress

The self-inflating mattresses feature built-in pumps. these mattresses are so popular because it enables the user to flip the switch and then walk away by ensuring that air bed will be filled completely when they come back.

There are many types of self-inflating mattress. 1st type allows the user to choose the firmness setting ranges from plush to firm. The second type may inflate the air mattress entirely and never give an option of firmness. It is a less desirable choice but you can adjust the setting when mattress inflates completely.

The battery used in these air mattresses is either plugin or battery powered. The powered models are rechargeable easily as well as a cheaper model

c) High-quality air mattresses

Some people want the air mattresses that are as luxurious as memory foam mattresses. The mattresses feature automation inflation that can give you perfect firmness level, built-in pillows, memory foam accents, and pillow tops.

The full-size mattresses are available in this type. But it is not always the case. There are some low-profile mattresses that give luxury features.

d) Cheap air mattresses

It is not necessary that air mattresses are always come with expensive price. Cheap air mattresses are the best and inexpensive alternative to a regular bed or keep the guests to sleep on the couch. You can easily get lots of features in cheap mattresses as available in high luxury mattresses. These cheap air mattresses can last long and easy to store at any time.

These air mattresses come with an external pump. No built-in pumps are available. It is not good for everyone because you need more energy and time to inflate the bed. It offers a reliable option for occasional camping and hosting trips on the basis of the price tag.

e) Pillow air mattresses

If you think that the Airbag bed is less comfortable, then you may be wrong.

The best mattress option is pillow tops. Some are permanent and others can easily be zipped-off storage and easy cleaning. Pillow air mattresses are soft and thick in size. They can always ready to achieve a better level of night sleep.

Among all, the high quality and luxurious air mattresses are pillow-top options. So, before purchasing, you be aware of it first. They gain popularity and easier to find at a lower price too.

Features that should consider while buying the best air mattress

After reviewing the best and top-rated air mattress, you are now able to know that which type of bed is best for you. Take a look at the features provided by the air mattress. You should keep these features in your mind while purchasing the best air mattress.

a) Dimension and Size

If you are looking for the adorable twin air mattress or queen size air bed, assured that the set is made according to the standard mattress size.

Air mattresses usually come in queen and twin sizes. These air mattresses are usually available in full, double or single.

The dimension of these air mattress is given below:

Queen Dimensions: 60″ * 80″
Twin Dimensions: 38″ * 74″
Full Dimensions: 54″ * 74″
Single Dimensions: 36″ * 74″
Double Dimensions: 54″ * 74″

Make sure that the dimension mentioned above has not included height because it may vary. It depends on your choice. Whether you select the raised or low profile air mattress. The low profile air mattress ranges from 7 to 10 inches in height. The raised air mattresses may range from 16 to 22 inches in height.

b) Height and thickness

All air mattresses come in different thicknesses and heights. Most of these mattresses are raised for easy access.

Raised inflatable mattresses are easy to get-in and get-out. They are an ideal set for old age guests or for those people who have mobility problems. As the air mattress keep away from the floor level, so it is great to use these air mattresses in the cold time.

Raised air mattresses are of the same height just like box spring combo and typical mattresses. They are designed to keep you away from the floor. The air mattresses offer you the best and more comfortable traditional sleeping experience rather than low-profile mattresses.

One of the disadvantages that possessed by raised profile air mattresses is size. They usually take more space while packed for mobility to storage. They are difficult to use in outdoor scenarios or in a tent.

c) Low profile

Air mattresses are manufactured low or thinner profiles without any addition of base that possessed by standard tall models.

It may lack some base. The lack of base means that they are a little bit cheaper and also compact in size. Low profile air mattresses are ideal for camping and trips because they can easily be deflated, and packed away when not in use. They are not so large so easily fit in a small size tent. Low profile air mattresses on the basis of price, size, and usability are equivalent to folded floor mattress. It is compact in size while packed it away during camping. It gives you a more comfortable camping experience. These are easy to portable air mattresses and are in small size. It can store in small spaces and ideals for a dorm or apartment.

Low-profile mattresses come with less high technicalities than that of raised profile mattresses. So, you would never worry about the automatic deflation or the internal pump.

d) Portability

The main feature possessed by the air mattress is portability. But it is not necessary that each of them is traveled easily. In portability, weight plays a distinct role but it is not the only main factor that you should consider.

Some models have a base that is perfect for use This base makes it less portable. If you are planning to take the air mattresses out, then we always recommended choosing the one that can fold down. It should also come with a carry bag to use the mattress easily.

e) Types of pumps

There are two types of pumps that featured by air mattresses.

i) External pumps

These pumps are different from internal pumps on the basis of how they can be powered. These plugs can be powered either plugin, battery-powered, or manually-powered. The air mattresses needed the external pump that is lower in price than built-in pumps. It is the best choice product when you have a tight budget,

External pumps are not connected to the base or body, so it may be misplaced easily. But it cab used to pump other things like bicycle, ball, inflatable pool toys that are inflatables.

ii) Built-in pumps

Built-in pumps are also known as internal pumps. It is the preferred choice for air mattresses because you would never lose a pump or adapter in this case. There are some models that come with an adjustable level of comfort. It can easily set to the firm, medium, or plush level by turning the knob. Every model comes with an internal pump that can easily be turned on and off. It can also automatically stop when the inflating process is complete. It is a great pump because it enables you to do lots of things while your air mattresses inflate. Most of the mattresses that come with built-in pump feature also have automatic deflate option. So, you would never need to roll it on the surface or have never to use any crazy trick to deflates air mattresses easily.


After reviewing all of the above best-rated air mattresses of 2020, out editor choice is “The Sound Asleep Dream Air mattress”.

It is the best and queen-sized air mattress that can easily accommodate a large number of guests. The raised height enables you to feel like real bedding sleep. There is a separate air chamber that enables you to adjust the better level of firmness and fill the bed according to your preferences. It also comes with a built-in click pump that can easily inflate and deflates the bed in 4 minutes. So, this product should be purchased by you.

It is perfect to accommodate family, friends. It can be used as the alternative traditional mattresses. We like this air mattress because it contains 40 air coils which can easily maintain better alignment of the spinal cord, It gives you better support for while night. It comes with a non-slippery base that prevents sliding on any hard surface. The flocked top of the air mattress is cozy, fully waterproof, and thick.

Besides all of these, if you are ins searching the best quality air bed for long time use, then we think that sound asleep dream series is best for you. It gives a better night’s sleep.

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