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Simmons has been in the mattress for long. And it is a heavyweight in the mattress market due to extensive spread presence. Their new model hybrid mattress beauty rest black has shaken the market due to some innovative features. The primary symbol of Simmons is higher en mattress, along with luxury sleep bedding. It is due to this fact it has attracted my attention to give my review and recommend it. It is a fact that you have to invest much for a luxury product, but at the same time, these products give a good return for your investment in the form of quality and durability.

Beautyrest Black composition

So far as its construction is a concern, the standard model of this mattress is 13 inch in height with some thin comfort layers that cover the supportive pocketed coils. As the foam has pressure relieving features, this mattress is firmer than other brands. You may customize the comfort options if you are looking for a plusher feel, but in this review, I shall discuss the standard specifications of this model.

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A combination of polyester and rayon compose the cover. It offers you feelings of a fresh touch and good breathability. It is covered by two layers of poly foam that offer you a sinking experience to some extent.

Comfort portion

There is 1/2inch gel memory foam under the cover. It is a conventional memory foam build; it responds to press in two ways and provides you with pressure relief. Due to extra thinness, it does not eliminate the firmness of the mattress. It may not let you sink much that is the best choice for back and stomach sleepers.

Transition part

When we go deep, there is a 1 ½ inch layer of traditional poly foam beneath the comfort layer. It comes with more strength than the memory foam that lies over it. It gives the matters bouncy feature. It provides ease from pressure-relieving comfort layer and support pocket coils layer. You never feel stuck in the mattress. In this way, it is beneficial for you.

Support portion

There are pocketed coils in this portion. These coils offer you a bounce and support that you need. It gives you a feeling of a conventional inner inspiring mattress. As there is traditional polyfoam in the upper part, you may freely and quickly move around your mattress. Every coil has its cover. In this way, they provide you with an equal motion transfer than other coils that are interconnected. For couples, it provides a fantastic experience.

Edge support system

There is a highly dense poly foam thick layer wrapped around the pocketed coils. It is a more adhesive layer for excellent edge support. This layer is beneficial for edge support that offers you a night of sleep any way on the sides of the mattress. It is again an advantage for couples to benefit from the entire surface, including edges of the mattress. This feature is not found in a lot of more expensive mattresses.

The firmness of the Beautyrest Black

You get an insight into its toughness when you go through the construction features thoroughly. If you dig into it, you will find how it feels when you lie on the mattress to sleep. There is no compromise on the firmness setting of the Firmness of the Beautyrest Black. Here we look at its firmness features.

It would be best if you kept in mind firmness is subjective. The firmness of a mattress depends on your weight, size, body shape and personal priorities. The firm feelings are different with each person. So far as the industry standard of firmness is concerned, it is 6.5/10. If the mattress met this standard, it is firmer.

Again the material used in the construction may give you an insight into the firmness of matters. The mattress comes with some thin section of soft foam on the upper portion that gives you a glimpse of traditional foam ad support providing supportive pocketed coils. The soft layers offer you pressure relief. You will have a pervasive feeling of firmness of support layer all around. As the mattress is supportive enough, it is suitable for stomach and back sleepers. As these sleeping habits require more lift for proper spinal alignment.

Who should buy the Beautyrest Black?

The Beautyrest Black meets the requirements of couples, back and stomach sleepers and much more.

Stomach and back sleepers requirements

As mattress provides you with extra support and firmness, it is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. It is the top option for comfortable spinal alignment to avoid sinking in the bed.

The classic feel and look

It is the dream mattress for people who appreciate the classic feel. The mattress comes with pocketed coils to provide you with some bounce. It aligns you without any effort while it is still in isolating motion.

Cooling effects

Are you a hot sleeper and you wake up due to swat at night frequently? But you will find a sound sleep with this mattress due to use of a combination of Black ICE™ 4.0 technology along with High Airflow Silk Air™ Fiber, and springs. All this material keeps you cool even in hot summer nights.

My recommendation

Do you need to purchase Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress? If you trust my judgment, I will say yes. I have found no visible bug in its construction as I used it. If you are looking for a medium-firm mattress, it is the top option for you. It combines the firmness and elasticity with memory form, gel foam and coils.

Its hybrid built means more bounce and responsive features where the memory foam top and gel foam in the middle gives it a hug and shape that many people are looking for. If you can afford an investment for a quality product, you should buy this mattress.

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