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Are you looking for a mattress that may provide you with utmost comfort along with an elegant look and durability? Choose such a mattress is a complicated venture? If you want all qualities in one mattress, Bear mattress may be the first in line. The designers made this mattress with the combination of active celliant cover with pressure-relieving memory foam to provide the feelings of relaxation from the pains and worries of the day-long activities. But does it come up to these lofty claims?

To test the promising performance, I assessed its functionality, construction and design myself. The objective was to check whether it is your dream bed or not.

The Bear Company

The Bear was founded in 2015. Since its inception; the company is in a constant struggle to provide the better rest to its customers. The company sponsors athletes, health professionals and fitness trainers with innovation in the mattress industry. The company is proud to create products for post-workout recovery with a mission to provide a sound sleep at affordable prices. The improvement in the budget is the double vision that the company markets.

The company also designs foldable foundation, pillows and other enhancements that are accomplishment to Bear beds.

Overview of product

The Bear mattress comes in all foam layouts with some fantastic features. Shipping of product at your location is free of extra costs. The mattress is designed for robust and flat bedding with a movable foundation. On its website, the Bear also offers different layouts of foundations for sales.


The cover of Bear mattress wins the appreciation of clients for its appealing design and top quality material used in it. It seems the craftsmen had a creative mind. The celliant technology has FDA certification along with yarn technology they use in the mattress. According to the company, the technology is tested and recommended for health, sound sleep and enhanced tissue oxygen levels. The celliant technology transforms your energy into infrared light. That is beneficial in many aspects.

You may test this specific feature of Bear mattress on your own or with an expert in celliant technology. If you are an active athlete or a sportsman, this feature is vital for your lifestyle. That is why the company claims to be the best choice for these who want a relaxed feeling after day, activities.

The ten-inch mattress offers you a gradual shift from soft to firmer layers that come from top to down. So far as bonding material is concerned, the company uses water-based adhesives instead of slid bonds. It improves breathability.

Salient features

  • There is one-inch memory foam that is bonded with graphite gel. Its structure is open cell and moves the heat away from you.
  • Then there is 1.5 inches quick response layer of foam. It releases pressure and helps for body alignment.
  • Then again, there is a rapid response layer of foam. It has firmness than another layer.
  • In the base, there is 5-inch high-density foam to provide extra support.

Extraordinary support and feel

The bear mattress provides you with the feeling of a decent foam look and feel. There is no shock when you think of its top. You don’t have the feelings of being in the mud. When you are sleeping and changing your position, you will feel resistance and shock. It is perhaps excellent. It reacts according to your body shape. There have been changes in design from time to time. The most significant tweak was in 2019.


The CertiPUR-US® is a known and acknowledged third party testing agency. The agency recommends this foam for some of its features related to off-gassing. It does not harm the indoor air levels. It reduces the indoor air release firm mattress. Other manufactures ignore this feature.

Who should buy the Bear?

  • Athletes and fitness trainers: if you are a sportsman or a gym trainer, you may purchase this mattress. It gives you utmost relaxation and sound sleep to people with an active lifestyle. You wake up fresh and feel no weariness. It enhances your responsiveness and good sleeping experience with infrared yarn.
  • Hot sleepers: there are gel and graphite bonding in the upper of foam. The foam has cooling features. So if you need cooling, you may opt for this memory foam.
  • Sleeping partners: this mattress is the best choice for co-sleepers. You are not disturbed if your partners get up earlier than you. You may carry on sleeping due to isolated motion features of this foam.

Bottom line

The people who want a sound sleep after the weariness of day; the Bear is the top choice for them. It has Celliant cover with gel adhesive memory foam. You get extra support and pleasure at an average pricing plan. 

 It is a safe purchase and valuable investment for sleepers.

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