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Reviews for foam mattresses are getting more and more common nowadays as consumers are looking for the perfect mattress for a great night’s sleep. There are many different mattress types sold on the market today, a large number of which are foam-based. Shopping for foam mattresses is a big task, as different types of foam and differing firmness, thickness, breathability, etc. are a few of the many characteristics you need to look at to determine when looking for your perfect mattress. You need to get a proper analysis of all these in order to make the right decision.

1.WinkBeds MemoryLux – The Best Memory Foam Mattress  

The material known as memory foam was released to the public in the 70s by NASA. It was just a matter of time before this material entered the world of mattresses, where’s it grown in popularity over the years. Memory foam is feature in some other beds on the list, though it shines in the MemoryLux which gives you an excellent memory foam feel. The 5-inch memory foam on the top allows you to sink comfortably and deeply into it, and gives you lots of pressure relief, and just a big body-contouring feel.

The MemoryLux is very giving, so it’s very likely to appeal to those who sleep on their sides, and it gives hips and shoulders excellent relief from pressure. It’s a great fit for combo sleepers as well who like to sleep on their sides.

2.Leesa Studio – Best Back Sleeper Mattress 

Are you looking for an all-foam mattress to support your back during sleep? Then you’ll want to look into the Leesa Studio, which is an all-foam mattress model that gives you excellent support and pressure relief.

This one gives you 3 foam layers: polyurethane foam, sturdy and high-density poly foam, and responsive memory foam. In combination, these materials give you a full balance of gift and lift, and work in tandem to relieve shoulder and hip tension. This makes it feel great for those who sleep on their back, as it sets the spine in alignment while bringing more comfort to the lumbar area.

3.Layla – The Best Soft Mattress

Do you love sinking into your contouring and soft memory foam? You’ll love the amazing Layla mattress if so. This all-foam mattress can be flipped, and has 2 different levels of firmness in one: the firm side ranks about 6.5/10 in firmness, which makes for an excellent combo sleeper option. The softer side is super soft, and those who want a memory foam mattress will no doubt prefer this side.

The soft side is where your Layla will shine the most! It’s even thicker than the opposite side, which allows for lots of room to sink right into the comfy memory foam. It gives plenty of pressure relief and room for contouring, which may make it the perfect mattress for side sleepers who want hip and shoulder comfort. Are you worried that you’ll sleep hot due to the memory foam sinkage? The mattress also has a copper infusion to minimize this heat, so you’ll sleep cool because of this.

4.Nolah – The Best Side Sleeper Mattress

The Nolah features material that’s different from the memory foam in several ways: it features open cells, and this feature makes it even more breathable and far less likely to trap in heat.

It also may be beneficial to side sleepers, as its AirFoam™ material gives you plenty of pressure relief and body contouring – this is especially true around the shoulder area. The mattress is quite soft, and it will allow you to sink right into the foam for maximum comfort, while also providing lots of breathability and mobility, and this means you’re far less likely to sleep hot. 

5.Casper – The Best Mattress for Back Pain

If you pick the incorrect mattress for your sleeping needs, you’ll likely have many problems. An aching back is one such issue, and the excellent Casper mattress will help to sooth sore backs. It utilizes Zoned Support to give comfort in the areas you need It most. The mattress is firmer at the hip area to give strong spine alignment, and it’s softer by the shoulder to provide more pressure relief.

The mattress structure is best for those who sleep on their back, as well as combo sleepers that spend most of the night shifting between their sides and backs. The combo sleepers will appreciate how seamless it is to move around the mattress due to the bouncy-quality foam, which is similar to latex.

Sleepers of all kinds may appreciate this since it makes the mattress even more breathable than the vast majority of the “all-memory foam” varieties of mattresses. It features polyfoam that’s open cell to promote free air flow and prevent heat from being trapped in the mattress.

6.Brooklyn Bedding Bowery – The Best Value Mattress

Are you looking for a durable and strong foam bed that utilizes high-quality materials while still being at an affordable price point? If so, then you’ll want to look at the Brooklyn Bowery! This high-quality mattress is all-foam and has high-density polyfoam utilizing Energex Foam. This is a soft latex that quickly responds to pressures and is a cool sleep. All of the materials are durable and will last a long time, and also give a feel that’s suited for the combo sleepers. 

7.Bear – The Best Cooling Mattress

You may imagine a huge furry animal when you hear the word “Bear”. In truth, the Bear Mattress is one of the best cooling foam mattresses on the market. This is largely thanks to its Celliant cover which is breathable and thing, and also a graphite infusion that draws heat from the body. This, in combination with its memory foam comfort layer and a firm build, this mattress is an excellent choice for back sleepers, athletes, combo sleepers, etc. 

The Bear was actually made with athletes in mind, and there is great evidence that its Celliant cover build helps with athletic recovery. You’ll want to do your own research as well. The firm quality keeps spinal alignment strong for the back sleepers, and will keep you from feeling stuck in your own bed. The memory foam also offers strong shoulder relief and an overall comfortable sleep experience. 

Our Final Thoughts

In contrast to regular innerspring mattresses which utilizes steel coils to help relieve areas of pressure, the foam mattresses are reliant on foam layers to adjust to your unique body needs. Each mattress will vary in foam and thickness, but the layers are the thing that make each foam mattress unique. It’s common for a quality foam mattress to being with a base support foam layer.

All types of memory foam are polyurethane foams, though not every one of these foams are memory foams. True types of memory foam are “visco elastic”, which means they resist more when additional pressure is applied. This is the reason it gives a deep hug and responds slowly to changes. The majority of support foams (and some of the transitional foams) are also poly foams. Both the poly foams and memory foams can also contain copper, gel, and many other types of infused materials to add to the feel and/or cooling ability.

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